The City of Toronto
Financial heartbeat of Canada

The City:

Did You Know.......

... that Toronto has twinned city with Amsterdam, Holland.

... that "Toronto" is the Huron Indian (Aboriginal/Natives of Canada) word that means "Place of meeting"?

... that the United Nations has designated Toronto as the World's "most ethnically-diverse city" five times in a row?

... that Yonge Street, our main thoroughfare, is the longest street in the World (1896 km long)?

... that the world's tallest building, the CN Tower, has been identified as one of the Seven Wonders of the modern World?

Quick Facts

A Lively & Enjoyable Place

Located in the area of the Five Great Lakes, known as the largest fresh water reserve in the World. Toronto has a population of 2.3 million people. The suburban is growing faster than the city itself, known as the GTA or Greater Toronto Area with a population totaling around 4.7 million people. It is the largest city in Canada and the sixth largest metropolitan in North America coming only after New York City, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Chicago, Miami. It has been voted five times in a row by United Nations as the most cosmopolitan and best multi-cultural city in the World including this year. It is also the financial headquarters of Canada. Toronto has the third largest library system in North America, the busiest library system in North America ahead of New York and Los Angeles and Chicago.

The GTA, home to the World. Its a World within a city or better would be known as a global village. People from 169 countries speaking 100 languages now call GTA home. Over 70,000 new immigrants come to the city every year. Certainly, it is our diversity that distinguishes us from other great cities in the World. Religion is very diverse as well, Christianity still dominating the city with about 55% of the population, with Islam being the second largest religion in the city followed by Judaism and Buddhism. The visible minority will be a majority by the year 2010, representing 54% of the population of Toronto. In fact, Toronto is home to 42% of Canada's total non-European population. 
GTA is home to approximately 15,000 Afghans.

Here is a breakdown of the top languages spoken in Toronto:

The Places:
The city of Toronto has now amalgamated or joined together five smaller cities into one since 1997. The city's main street, Yonge Street is the longest street in the World, running from north and west from Toronto. Its official length, now extended to Rainy River on the Ontario-Minnesota border, is 1896 km long.

The city has great scenery with having a beachfront with Lake Ontario that stretches miles and miles. It is also home to CN Tower, the tallest self-supporting tower in the World which has a record height of 553 meters high. The World's largest Dome with retractable roof is the 54 thousand seating capacity SkyDome of the Toronto. Located very near to CN Tower. The diameter of the roof is 207 meters. The city has many parks and squares that can accommodate a lot of people during festivals including the Toronto Island.  Toronto’s large underground city known as PATH, which runs along eight city blocks beneath the financial district and some of the major hotels, offers 11 kilometers of interconnected walkways lined with more than 1,110 stores, services, and eateries.

Events and Festivals:
To experience Toronto’s vast cultural diversity, visit during Festival Caravan, an international celebration held in June. If you like a carnival atmosphere and dancing in the streets, come for Caribana, the festival of the Caribbean people (late-July through early-August). From mid-August to the beginning of September, Toronto hosts the huge Canadian National Exhibition known as C.N.E., featuring midway rides, technological and agricultural exhibits, food, and concerts. Movie lovers and filmmakers from around the world flock to the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival in mid-September.

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is the one of the most visited museums in the World. The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is the eighth largest art museum in North America. Its collection comprises more than 24,000 works representing 1,000 years of extraordinary European, Canadian, modern, Inuit, and contemporary art. Other sites include:

Major League Sports Teams:

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