Kabul: A Photo Essay

The column of knowledge and ignorance, Photo 1995.

Id Gah Mosque founded in 1893, Photo 1994.

The city center, lies in ruins, Photo 1994.

Kabul Mosque, among the ruins of Kabul. Photo 1994

The Darulaman palace of Afghanistan in Kabul, Photo 1991, insert 1997.

A view of Kabul city in this undated pre-1990 photo

Kabul city, 1960s

The victory arch, built by King Amanullah (1919-1929).
The arch commemorates those who were martyred in the war of Independence in 1919.
Insert, Damaged by Mujahideen infightings between 1992-96.

A widow in Kabul, Photo 1994.

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