Mujahideen Clashes During 1992

An Afghan fighter from the Dostum tribe of Northern Afghanistanfires his AK-47 at positions held by opposing Mujahideen forces asinter-tribal warfare breaks out in the newly liberated Kabul in April1992.


Women in Burqa

Afghan women wearing the traditional full body cover called aBurqa walk past a Soviet built tank in Kabul in 1989.


Ruined Children's Playground

Neighbors look through the collapsed doorway leading the a gardenwhere children playing moments before lay dead after a rocket landedin the compound in Kabul


Wounded Child in Hospital

A young boy is help by doctors at the Indira Gandhi hospital inKabul after being hit in the leg by a stray bullet during theMujahideen take-over of the city in April 1992.


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