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ANC Special:
Bamiyan Statue Explosion Photos

ANC Photo-Report:
Rome Meeting | Torkham Border

Afghan Website, USA:
Afghan Hindus

Afghan News Channel:
Afghan Buddhas: Editorials & Press Releases

Radio Netherlands:
Afghanistan: A Cultural Crossroad

Stratfor.com, USA:
Afghan Conflict Bringing Russia Back

ANC Special Photo-Report:
Border Closures & Afghan Farmers

Virtual NY, USA:
Profile Of Osama Bin Laden

US Dept. Of State:
Fact Sheet On Afghan Situation

Afghan Sport Organization
Afghan Taekwondo

ReliefWeb International:
Interview With Afghan Ambassador

Yale University, Dmitri Trenin:
Central Asia's Stability & Russia's Security

Yale University, Pauline Jones:
A Dangerous Balancing Act

ANC Photo Report Special:
Photo-report From Afghanistan

A.N.C.  Photo-Report Special:
Ogata's Visit To Afghanistan

Afghan Website, USA:
Afghan Hindus

Fielding's Travel, USA:
Dangerous Places

*Commentary: Latest Planned Sanctions*

Relief Web Network, USA:
UNOCHA Information

Crop And Food Supply Assessment

CNN Cold War Special:
Soldiers Of God

 Islamic Forum, USA:
Women in Afghanistan

 White House, USA:
US Efforts Towards Landmine

Washington State University, USA:
Khyber Pass Photos

 SIL Ethnologue, USA
TOP 100 Languages: By Population

UNOCHA, Pakistan:
Afghanistan: Demining Information

 ReliefWeb / UNOCHA, NY, USA:
Coordination in Fragmented State

ACT International, Switzerland:
Christian Missionaries: Afghanistan
(The Group is part of a larger organization called Church World Services, CWS.

World Socialist Web Site, USA:
US - Afghanistan Issues

 The Children of War, USA:
Afghan Refugees

The Economist, UK:
Can Islam and Democracy Mix?

 The Independent, UK
How America Swallows Israel's Lies

Ariana Afghan Airlines, Afghanistan:
Official Website

Aviation Safety Network, USA:

 International Rescue Committee, USA
Afghanistan Project Overview

Bird Stamps of the World, UK:
Bird Stamps of Afghanistan

Department of Trade & Industry, UK
Country Charts: Afghanistan

24 Hour Coverage: Ariana Afghan Airline Plane Hijacking

>>>> Afghan Network Extras <<<<

Ariana Afghan Airlines

*For Real Audio/Video: Download RealPlayer for Free

United States Department of Agriculture, USA
Foreign Agriculture Services: Afghanistan

Telecommunications in Afghanistan, USA:
Afghan Wireless Company

Sherlockian Atlas Reference, USA:

Magill University in Montreal, Canada
Christian Missionaries

American Library in Montepellier, France:

United States' Department Of States, USA:
World Reaction Split On Afghanistan Sanctions

 International Islamic University, Malaysia:
Statistics Of The Moslem World

Politics & Terrorism, USA
Excerpts From Peter Arnett's Interview with Bin Laden

International Photojournalism, USA:
Surviving in the Mountains
(Photographer: Likka Uimonen - 6 Photos)

 Detlef Fritz, Germany:
Afghanistan: Traveller Story (German)

Hellenic Website, USA:
Greeks Of Afghanistan

Washington Report, USA
Afghanistan: A People Beyond Suffering

 Public Record Office, Northern Ireland:
Dufferin Papers: Afghanistan

Far Eastern Economic Review, Hong Kong
Afghanistan in Focus

 United Nations High Commission for Refugee, Switzerland:
Afghanistan: Afghan Repatriation Operation (Map)
Afghanistan: Areas of Refugee Return (Map)

 CNN Transcripts, USA
Cold War: Afghanistan

Archeology Online, USA
Museum Under Siege

 Society for Preservation of Afghan Culture and Heritage, Pakistan:
Nancy Hatch Dupree: Afghanistan

United Nations High Commission for Refugee, Switzerland:
Afghanistan Report

 Canadian Ministry of Defense, Canada:
Canada's Military Legacy: Peacekeeping

Asian Football Cofederation, Hong Kong:
Afghan Football Federation

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC Manitoba), Canada:
Young Afghan Refugees Wait For Return

 Hinduism Today (Archives), USA
Afghanistan Hindus

Stu & Andi's Roscoe Page, Seattle - USA:
The Battle Of Maiwand 

Laguna Beach Magazine, USA
American Blunder and Afghanistan Debacle

One World Organization (New Internationalist), UK:
Afghanistan: Country Reference

Harappa Bazaar: Online Antique Store, USA:
Palace Of Shah Shuja in Kabul, 1878
A Group Of Afghan Chiefs

FujiFilm Deutschland (European Press Photo Awards), Germany:
Third Place Winner, Jan Dagø

Epicurious Travel, USA:
Events In Afghanistan

Hotels Of Europe: Barcelona, Spain:
Kabul Hostel

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty:
Afghanistan: US Denies It Supports The Taliban

Ishipress (M. Ismail Sloan), USA
History of War In Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Hypocritic Oath

MSNBC Dateline, USA:
Living Under the Taliban

National Public Radio (RealAudio), Washington, D.C.:
Rise Of Taliban In Afghanistan Affects Neighbours

South Asian Journalists Association, New York:
An Evening With Abdul Hakeem Mujahid of Taliban

AUSAID (Press Release), Australia:
Afghanistan Demining Program Funding

Pullitzer Awards, USA:
Winners Of 1997: Afghanistan

Salt Lake Tribune (Archives), USA:
Millennium Sparks Interest In Lost Tribes
A Tale Of Panic On Swissair Flight 111

The Economist, USA:
Afghan Taliban Politics

Projects Cooperating For Cooperation, Italy:
Projects In Afghanistan

InterAction - Monday Developments, USA:
Facts And Figures On Refugees

Personal Homepage, Switzerland:
Chez Georges Rosset: Afghanistan

United States Information Agency (Unofficial Site), Taiwan:
US Policy in South Asia

Foreign Military Studies Office, US Military:
The Soviet War In Afghanistan

Reuters Foundation (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Netherlands:
Crosslines: Guide To Afghanistan

CNN Interactive, USA:
Cold War TV Show: Afghanistan

ReliefWeb: Emergency Humanitarian Assistance For Afghanistan (1997):
(INFO: Years '95 and '96 plus other countries also available through this website)
Germany|European Union|Canada
Sweden|USA|Australia|United Kingdom

The Wisdom Fund, USA:
Rogue State Par Excellence
Israel & Iran: The Best Of Enemies
Clinton's $124 Billion Dollar Defense Increase

Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Norway:
Russian Interventions and International Responses

Oxfam, UK:

CyberSchool, Lane County District (Oregon State), USA:
Abdur Rahman Khan

The Huntington Archive, History of Art Dept.,
Ohio State University, USA:

The Communication Initiative, USA:
New Home, New Life: Afghanistan

Government-Funded Medical Services, Japan:
Japan-Afghanistan Medical Services

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection: University of Texas at Austin,
(The Website is a Mirror from Aachen University, Germany)
Afghanistan Maps

US Army: Foreign Military Studies, Belarussia:

Media House International (Christian Media Society), USA:
Soviet Soldiers In Afghanistan

Country Information: Afghanistan (Some Pictures)

Immigration And Refugee Board Of Canada:
Afghanistan Report

Arabia Online, Kuwait:
Afghans Give Up Nationality

For The Record, Canada:
Afghanistan: Treaties And Ramifications

Amnesty International, United Kingdom:
Women In Afghanistan ('92-'95)

CSA Edge, United States:
Uzbeks Of Afghanistan
Afghan Persians

Fox News, United States:
Afghanistan: A Photo Essay

UNHCR Refugees Magazine, Switzerland:
Afghanistan: The Unending Crisis

Federation of American Scientists, USA:
Afghan Intelligence Report

Israeli Parliament (Knesset), Israel:
Member of Knesset (Rabbi Raphael Pinchasi)

Federation of American Scientists, USA:
Iranian Joint Committee For Special Operations
Operations of Iranian Ministry Of Intelligence & Security

Virtual Jerusalem, Israel:
Jewish Community of Afghanistan

ArabNet View, Middle East:
Iran Is Hardly The Right Nation To Criticize

Himalayan Research and Cultural Foundation, India:
Afghanistan Factor in Central/South Asian Politics

IK Monitor, (Dr. D.K. Davis), Netherlands:
Gender-based Ethnoveterinary Knowldege Of Afghan Nomad

Central Asia in International Relations (James Risen):
Russians Are Back In Afghanistan, Aiding Rebels

Time Magazine (3/97):
Mullah With A Mission

Dutch Justice Department, Netherlands:
Regulations of Influx of Asylum-Seekers

United States Committee For Refugees, USA:
Afghanistan Report

Sound Vision (Eric S. Margolis), USA:
Taliban Makes The Communists Tremble

Scientific Expeditions, Poland:
Hindu Kush Picture Gallery

Dutch Red Cross, Netherlands:
Afghanistan: Landmine Picture Gallery

Washington Post, USA:
Afghan Restuarants in Washington, D.C.

Auctions, Belgium:
An Unrecorded Afghan Rupee

Alamanc, Belgium:
Afghanistan: Barakzai Dynasty

Richard Strand, USA:
Nuristan Information Site

Sunday Times (Chris Thomas), UK:
Afghan Capital's Struggle to Survive

Coffee Shop Times (Ari Goldberg from UK), USA:
Afghanistan's Reappearance On World Stage

Afghan Journal: Jalalabad To Kabul

Folklore Archives, Estonia:
Afghan War - Boy Saved By The Snake

Transitions Online, Poland:
Pipeline To Power

 Amnesty International, England:
Afghan Women Targeted...'92-'94

The War Report (Hasan Goliev), Czech Republic:
The Caucasus: Oil In The Troubled Water

Freelance Photojournalist - Teun Voeten, Luxemburg:
Afghanistan Pictures: 1 2 3 4

CNN Europe Interactive, England: (11/96)
Peace, Stability, Freedom: Battle cry of war-weary Kabul

ENN Special Reports:
Iranian Terrorist Camps in Bosnia (2/96)
Iran's Quest For Nuclear Weapons Continues(6/96)

Behind the Iron Veil

Mercenary Photos:
Afghanistan Pictures: 1 2 3 4

United Nations High Commission for Refugee, Switzerland:
Afghan Case in Germany

Caithness Archives:
2nd Anglo-Afghan War: One British Soldier's Story

 Detroit Free Press:
Taliban: The Sword Of Afghanistan

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