Taliban Take Steps To Ease Return Of Afghan Refugees


Frontier Post


PESHAWAR (Internews) - The ruling Taliban in Afghanistan have said that they are trying their best to solve the problems of hundreds of Afghan refuges returning home from Pakistan and Iran every month. "We are exerting every effort to clear up all the problems of the repatriates," Maulvi Abdul Ghafoor, the attache for refugee affairs in the Afghanistan Embassy in Islamabad said in an interview. "To eliminate the problems of the refugees, a tripartite commission made up of envoys of the Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United Nations has started working some time ago," the Afghan diplomat said. Ghafoor added that the commission has had several meetings in Kabul and Islamabad and has taken the necessary decisions on relevant issues. "It has been decided that 100,000 refugees will return voluntarily to Afghanistan in the year 2000 and that nobody has the right to force them to return," he said.

He added that it had also been decided that the United Nations would help Afghanistan in the returning and rehabilitate of the refugees to their home country. "One of the major difficulties that the returning refugees had been facing was that their vehicles were being searched by security forces everywhere in the border areas," Maulvi Ghafoor said."However, it has now been decided that the repatriates would be checked in one special place only instead of separate places," he added. MaulviGhafoor said that in order to ensure that the problems of the returning refugees are solved, the Taliban would maintain close contacts with thepeople. "For this purpose, a post of attaché for the refugees has been opened in the Afghanistan Embassy in Islamabad," he said, adding that weare trying to institute a similar post in Peshawar as well.

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