Foreign Observers Invited To Afghanistan,
Osama Of No interest To Taliban


Frontier Post

ISLAMABAD (Online) - Taliban Ambassador Maulvi Said Mohammad Haqqani reiterating Taliban's stance said that the Islamic Emirate wants to resolve the Osama issue through negotiations has said Washington should not slap more oppressive curbs on the people of Afghanistan as we do not want enmity with the US. In an interview with VOA referring to the latest talks between US Assistant Secretary of State and a Taliban delegation here he said, "We have told the US official that we have no personal interest in Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden and his issue. He had come or had been brought to Afghanistan before the formation of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. At that time, nobody demanded his hand over nor did any one control him, whereas we have controlled him by banning and restricting his activities." He said that there had been plenty of US enemies in the world and they should not hold bin Laden responsible for every event and happening.

He said we informed the US side that keeping in view their problem and to find a solution to the issue, we put forward proposals and suggestions with regard to the allegations at different time. We had offered them probe into these allegations by the Supreme Court of Islamic Emirate, Sharia verdict by the religious scholars from three countries into the charges and allegations but the United States did not respond positively to it. He said Afghanistan wanted a good and cordial bilateral relations with all. All the problems and issues between two countries should be resolved in a way acceptable to the nations and governments of the two countries. He said with regard to the existence of training camps, Taliban told the US official that anybody having such apprehension were welcomed to visit Afghanistan to see by themselves whether or not such camps exists. Negating any prospect of training camps he said such camps have never existed and nor would we allow anybody to do so. To remove this apprehension, our Amirul Momineen has invited all the people to visit Afghanistan to know the facts. The US Assistant Secretary of State, Thomas Pickering during his meeting with the Taliban delegation expressed concern over the increase in production and trafficking of narcotics in Afghanistan. In this regard, Haqqani said, "The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan recalled and underlined all the activities taking place in Afghanistan in this regard.

These include ban on one-third poppy cultivation this year and destroying heroin factories. We told them that we have held discussions with Pakistan and Iranian authorities on drugs control at our joint borders and the parleys are still continuing. We also told them that the issue did not crop up during the tenure of Islamic Emirate rather poppy has been cultivating in Afghanistan from the very beginning. Afghanistan has experienced a prolonged war, which has ruined each and every thing and that is why, it is impossible to check it in one go. However, the Islamic Emirate has been continuing its efforts to check it." Haqqani said that solution to the Afghan conflict was also discussed during negotiations with Thomas Pickering. He said that Pickering called for negotiated settlement of the Afghan issue. Haqqani said that Taliban are ready for talks but added that the opponents do not want parleys.

Moulvi Haqqani said that Taliban's delegation told Pickering that the Taliban government which controls ninety per cent territory enjoys the support of the masses and that is why, it has succeeded in restoring peace and security in its controlled areas. He said that the delegation also told Pickering that the Afghan history is testimony to the fact that no one can forcibly rule the Afghans and the peace and security have been restored with the help and collaboration of the people. He said that if foreign interference in Afghanistan is stopped, settlement of the Afghan conflict and return of durable peace to Afghanistan is not difficult or impossible.

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