World Pashto Conference: Necessity & Importance

via Frontier Post


"All the Afghans from the stretches of Qandahar to the confines of Attock river are united at the grand idea and task of Honour both visibly and invisibly," Khushal Khan Khattak. A warrior poet, Khushal Khan Khattak confided the idea contained in the above couplet, to the words more than three hundred years ago. It deserves to be thought over and weighed by the Pakhtoon poets and intellectuals in the present era.

Some 13 years ago from all over the globe Pakhtoon poets, writers and intellectuals gathered in Peshawar under the banner of World Pukhto conference. It was 1987 A.D. At that time no stone was left, unturned to make this conference a success.

Today the organisers of the conference are once again preparing to arrange a second World Pukhto Conference. This time they have in mind all the political, social, economic, geographical, historical, cultural, journalistic, educational and literary aspects of the Pakhtoon race. The date for the conference has not been fixed but hopefully and possibly it will be in the last week of April, 2000. It is not an easy task to arrange this moot. It requires a lot of spade work. It also deserves the full co-operation of the "Haves" among us. It is a team work. There are lot of problems with which the Pukhtoon of 21st century confronts. For the solution of these problems the dormancy must be pushed aside and with renewed energy and will we have get up and move.

Saleem Raz an organiser of the conference has said in one of his hand bill "During the last 13 years many changes have taken place both at the global and regional levels. History has taken a new turn. Geographical and political boundaries have changed. Social and economic patterns have got new shapes. Movement, progress, growth and revolution are continuous processes." As he has said at this occasion. "Due to new discoveries in the fields of scientific and philosophical research the global conceptions and phenomena have change.

This change requires new patterns and new fashions in every walk of life. We should also reconsider our indigenous features in the new global perspectives. But between our native contradictions and universal agents of change there seems to be an impassable boundary. These are the conditions in which constructive and destructive forces are juxtaposing each other. This is the real stimulant of this conference."

What he has expressed in his letter should be fully understood and every effort should be made to give these ideas a practical and viable shape. This conference should encompasses all the matters to enhance new ideas and art to open up the minds of the next generation so that Pashto can emulate with other developed languages of the world. Viable suggestions should be put forward for the development of Pukhtoon culture, literature, economy and the like on modern lines. Pukhtoon movements, historical personalities and institutions should be critically discussed. Scholars from all over the world are expected to participate in this conference.

This forum could prove a permanent body for Pukhtoon writers. A daily, weekly or other periodical owned by this forum will play a vital role in the spreading of its proceedings and information. We humbly request that this institution must not be used as a political instrument for the vested interests.


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