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If Farhad Darya were to record a new song, the refrain might be "I want my MP3". The popular music format has created a whole new musical universe of freely available music files. As with MP3 music files themselves, many excellent playback tools are available for free. Some of the Web's top music players are available right here on Afghan Music Channel.

RealJukebox Basic

The Good News: RealJukebox Basic gives you a simple, clean interface to playing back your favorite music. It also supports recording on a CD-ROM if you have a writeable CD-ROM drive (also known as a "CD burner).

The Bad News: RealNetworks has split its streaming media capabilities between RealPlayer and RealJukebox. Other streaming players, such as QuickTime and Windows Media Player, combine both in a single playback tool, which can be more convenient.

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Sonique Player

The Good News: The Sonique player is free, very usable, and feature-rich. You can play loops, play random files, and create your own playlist, even watch a visualization of the audio. Sonique also links to content on the Web.

The Bad News: Sonique is still in beta, so it might not be quite as polished as the finished version will be.

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Liquid Player 5.0

The Good News: Liquid Player 5.0 Preview includes support for MP3 playback as well as art, lyrics, and more -- plus the ability to record your own CDs if you have a writeable CD-ROM drive.

The Bad News: It's a preview, so it may not be as robust nor have all the features of the final version.

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The Good News: XMMS runs under most popular Unix formats, including Linux, and plays MP3s, CD Audieo, WAV, MIDI, Icecast and more. It looks like Winamp, a popular Windows player, and even includes equalizer support.

The Bad News: As a non-commercial product, it may require more installation work and be less polished than other products - but that's part of the fun of Unix.

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