In this section we attempt to address some of the more common questions and problems associated with playing MP3s. Unfortunately, we are unable to answer specific emailed inquiries. Questions about particular players or software should be addressed to the maker or author of the program.

I loaded the MP3 into my player but nothing happened.

Are you sure it is loaded? Can you see the name of the song? If not, it probably isn't loaded. Your player should have a command like "play file", "open file" or something similar. If you don't see an option to load the song, right-click on the MP3 player and the pop-up list should have it. Is the MP3 loaded and still not working?

Did you click the "Play" button on your MP3 player? Check your computer's volume settings - make sure they are not on mute or turned down. Check the volume on your speakers. Check the speaker cables. Are you able to play other sounds? If yes, try to play MP3s. If you can't play other MP3s but you have sound, download another player. Try to load it again. Are you getting an error message? If so, contact the author of the software. After you have tried everything, try restarting your computer and trying again - it is possible your settings have not been updated.

I can't listen to an MP3 and download at the same time. It sounds choppy.

If you are an Internet Explorer user with Windows Media Player installed as your default MP3 player, Media Player may attempt to play the song as it is downloading. This usually only works if you have a relatively high download speed. Users with slower download speeds should instead right-click the "Download" MP3 link and left-click "Save Target As..." in the pop-up window. Click "Save". You will have to start your MP3 player, open the MP3 file from within the player and press the play button to start listening to music.

I saved the MP3 file but I can't find it on my computer.

Use your computer's "Find File" command and search *.mp3 for all directories (C: for most computers). This tells the computer too look for any MP3 file on your hard drive. Your browser typically will default save to a temporary folder like C:/temp or something similar.

I tried to play the MP3 but it cuts off after a few seconds.

This happens sometimes when there is an error during the downloading process or the MP3 file is corrupted. Try downloading the MP3 file again. If it still doesn't work, try downloading another MP3 file.

The MP3 player I downloaded from your site isn't working. What now?

We have many software programs available through our site, so it is impossible for us to know how to troubleshoot every program. Our best advice is to contact the author of the program. Most entries in our software area have a link to the author. They are usually happy to help you with any problems specific to their software.

When I click on an MP3 on my Mac using Netscape, it just shows a "Q" Quicktime logo and doesn't play.

This is a problem with Netscape's default preference settings which may incorrectly try to play MP3 files using Quicktime (it does not support MP3 files).

The solution is to download an MP3 player like RealPlayer G2. Then change your preferences by opening Netscape Navigator and selecting Preferences from the Edit menu. Click on "Navigator" and then "applications". This is where you configure Navigator's helper apps. Scroll down until you see "audio/mpeg" and double click on it.

Then click the "Choose" button and locate the MP3 player you want Netscape to launch after a MP3 file is downloaded. (e.g. MacAmp). Ok out of all dialog boxes. Now each time a MP3 file is downloaded Navigator should play it using the MP3 player you selected.

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