Bareq Naseer


He was born in Kabul Afghanistan. He finished his primary school in Afghanistan. In 1986 he left Afghanistan and after travelling and living in many European countries in 1997, he came to Australia and since then has been living in Melbourne and studying Tourism in one of the Melbourne Tourism Colleges.

Since he was 16 years old he has started learning and playing keyboard instruments and bango-drum with encouragement and guidance from his brothers who are also musicians and singers. About 7 years ago he has started singing and performing in private concerts and occasions.

In late 1999 he prepared and recorded his first album "Gole-Zeba" with the help of my brothers Mirwais and Tamim. Most of the songs are written by himself and his younger brother Tamim. The music for this album was arranged by Tamim. Currently they are working on a joint album with Mirwais Naseer, who's single album was released last year and were sold in afghan music market all over the world. Most of the songs for this album will be written by their older brother Asad Badi who lives in Switzerland.


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