Hamid Ahang

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, moved to U.S. (Chicago) in 1984. he started Deejaying in 1986 with the purchase of 2 Technic 1200 turntables and started spinning for local school and private parties. Soon thereafter, he joined a DJ crew. In 1988 he landed his first mixing DJ gig at Northwestern University's radio station (WNUR, 89.3 FM). After graduating High School and attending Columbia College , he became a full time member of Columbia College's (WCRX, 88.1 FM) mixing team. Here is a quick summary of his career on the radio:Hamid Ahang


He have appeared as a guest DJ for several past and present Chicago area nightclubs such as: China Club , Shelter, Drink, Phoenix, Riviera, Congress Theater, Alexandros, Prime-n-Tender, Eddie Rockets, Excalibur , Kaboom, and Crobar .

At Columbia he met Walid Ishaq and Steve Issac and he joined their existing group as a remixer and they formed a new group called Rhythm Boyz. They released their first record, Babylon Groove, in 1995 on their own record label, Stop & Dance Records, and launched our music publishing company, Hit After Hit publishing, ASCAP.

After releasing Babylon Groove, he joined a second group and released a 12" single The Mass . They also produced and remixed several projects for several different record labels. In 1996 Rhythm Boyz found a female vocalist, Wendy George , and changed our name to Hi-Tec and released Move Your Body which had great success.

He graduated College in 1995 with a B.A. in TV Broadcasting and a Minor in Sound Engineering and started producing and remixing on my own. He started LASERDANCE Music in 1997 and setup his own recording studio (Delta Sound Labs) . He still keeps in touch with his former band members and collaborate on some projects.

New Album Release Information: Bewafa

If you would like to learn more about Hamid Ahang and the CD and music, please visit Laser Dance Productions website.

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