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Ehsan Aman was born in the town of Lashkargah in the Helmand Province. He finished his primary and secondary education in the town of Lashkargah and completed his college education in the school of Engineering of the University of Kabul in the field of Architectural Engineering.

Ehsan exhibited a keen interest and high potentials in music in his early childhood and, thus, started to learn playing accordion and singing with encouragement and guidance from his father. It was not very long afterwards when Ehsan started participating in his school musical functions, drawing the attention and interest of the school and Lashkargah community. His involvement in music gained momentum concurrent with the start of his college life in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Among his musical performances his participation in a big concert in Kabul University in 1978 put him in the lime-light. This appearance was so praised and well received that in a short time his musical talent and performance became a talk of the town and caused his fans to press him to broadcast his voice through the nationwide media so that every one in the country could be duly entertained. Unfortunately, under the adverse circumstances of the time and due to the effort of number of egotistical and ill willed staff in charge Ehsan was shut out from Radio Kabul.

Of course, these obstacles and hindrances did not stop Ehsan to respond to the expectations of his music fans and continued his struggle through the various barriers and reach his music admirers of the country through the national broadcast facilities until he ran into his kin, Sidiq Alim, then a member of the portable camera team of Kabul Television. Sidiq asked Ehsan to give one of his songs. Ehsan immediately prepared his famous song, based on the poem from Hafez, "Bute' daram...." and gave it to Sidiq who recorded it with his portable television facilities and, thus, with strong support and assistance from one of the renowned broadcasters of Radio Kabul, Farida Anwari, his first song was aired through Kabul Radio & Television. The song was so much on a national level that, not withstanding the unsuitable conditions of the time, caused the radio/ television authorities to ask Ehsan to prepare another song for radio/television broadcasting. As a result Ehsan's second mega hit "Allah", was aired and, in this manor, a new chapter was opened in his music history.

In addition to his musical talent he is an artist and calligrapher. He was also a member of the Afghan National Tennis Team from year 1976 to 1980 and has participated in various international tennis games outside of Afghanistan.

It did not take Ehsan's adversaries very long, those who at the outset, blocked Ehsan's voice from airing, to condemn and shelf his song, "Allah", alleging that the repetitious call of "Allah" is an anti-regime invitation. This occurrence, and Ehsan's lack of cooperation with the government to sing pro-regime songs, subjected him to unbearable political pressure and threat of persecution, and forced Ehsan to leave his beloved country and go to Pakistan in 1981. After a short stay in Pakistan he arrived in the United States in October 1982 and settled in Virginia.

In mid 1983 Ehsan recorded his first album, entitled "MUSAFER", with the help of his friend, Khoshal Miskeenyar, in-spite of economic and technical limitations. This album of songs, prepared by Ehsan himself together with Safi-ullah Subat, was Ehsan's very first production, outside his home country, presented to Afghan music lovers around the world.

During the years 1985 to 1993 Ehsan was mostly busy on his career jobs of engineering and architecture with various engineering firms and his music activities were confined to special family circles in a very limited scale.

In early 1993, due to a sense of commitment in music and to music admirers, he decided to devote more time to music and present his art to the public. Thus, he held his first public concert in Jacksonville, Florida, which was received with warmth and admiration. Since then he continued to give concerts and perform in other festive functions.

Seemingly, Ehsan enjoys a very warm reception and appreciation of the Afghan community outside of Afghanistan. He was voted the artist of the year among the Afghan youth through free balloting held by 'Karawan' news paper in 1996.


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