Jawed Kazimi


Jawed's musical career started at the early age of 12. His early musical influences were rooted at home. His father was an accomplished musician and his brother was part of one of the first Afghan musical bands in Germany. Jawed quickly began to establish himself within the family by writing music and learning to play various instruments such as the Harmonium, keyboard, and Tabla . While attending high school in Germany, he formed his first band (MOHAMMED) with a group of his friends. Their first professional album release on the German dance label, Fun Factory, sold more than 30,000 copies throughout Europe; they also performed live at numerous concerts and raves. His band also worked with top European DJs and producers such as DJ Westbam ( Low Spirit Records ) and the British techno group 808 State .

In 1993 he moved to the States (Kansas City) and while still keeping touch with his former band, he started concentrating on his solo musical career. He setup his own recording studio (K-Sounds) and started to compose Afghan dance music. In 1998, he met Hamid Ahang and the two began collaborating on producing and remixing. In early 1999 they started recording tracks for his first solo release, BEWAFA. This CD is a collection of his past and present material. BEWAFA , is only the beginning of many releases to come from this talented musician. Currently, he has several songs written and ready to be released in the near future.

His former band members formed their own record label, Orbit Records, and have had over a dozen number 1 hits on German and European dance charts. Jawed would like to thank all his friends and family for supporting him throughout his musical career.


New Album Release Information: Bewafa

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