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Our Mission:
Afghan Network would like to thank everyone for supporting our site and making it one of the best sites on the internet. We depend on your continuing moral, academic and financial support for our mission to educate Afghans and non-Afghans about Afghanistan and provide our renowned services: 24 hour updated Afghan News Channel, Afghan Bookshop, Afghan Music Channel, Culture Gateway, eMail service, iNteractive Zone features and much more.

Our History:
Our website started out as a email newsletter and slowly evolved onto the internet as a website. The idea for this website was discussed early 1997. When the website was first launched in January of 1998, we had only about 4 webpages which were problems with HTML and JAVA errors were often and we had difficulty getting visitors to visit the site as we were not known yet and the number of internet users was very small. We were getting only 5-10 visitors a day then. Today we have over 350 pages and receive between 12,000 - 15,000 visitors on an average day and we have surpassed the 300,000 visitor/day during events of September 11 and the attacks relating to Afghanistan. We get around 300,000 hits a month. For more stats, visit our Media Kit Centre. The website has gone through 5 redesigning since 1998. Here is the second edition of Afghan Network International.

Since then, we have been growing by the month. Now we are the largest and most visited Afghan website in Canada, Europe and largest and most extensive informational website on the internet. We have been listed in every corner of the internet from newspapers to universities to libraries, Finnish organizations, Swedish research sites, Swiss organizations, government & military websites, German aid organizations, other great Afghan sites, Arab sites, Asian information sites to search engines. We have found 1000s links to our Front page and our well-known Afghan News Channel. We became the "link of the month" on an online culture-focused German magazine and editor's choice on in 1999. We are been listed in the American Library of Congress's Digital Collection. This website's CULTURE GATEWAY received a Grade of A+ for its focus on Culture and History in a Cultural analysis course at York University, Toronto. We have been asked to be guest speakers at Universities & High Schools and have provided much information to students with projects on Afghanistan across the Globe.  We have received an award for being one of the TOP 500 websites on the internet with great content and design and very high visitor satisfaction with Afghan News Channel and Afghan Network Store

Our Audience:
We have become the virtual
GATEWAY TO AFGHANISTAN. We are also growing with the diversity of the regions that our visitors are coming from, we are getting people from over 100 countries around the World.

Media Contacts:
Since September 11 Events, we have received media attention about Afghan Network. We have provided interviews, information and commentaries about Afghanistan's background history and current politics for the following:




CBC Newsworld (CBC Morning) National Post (Canada) CBC Radio One (Toronto)
CBC Television (Canada Now) BBC News (United Kingdom)   CKNW (Vancouver)
CTV News (NewsNET) New York Times CHED (Edmonton, Alberta)
R.O.B. TV Wall Street Journal AlphaNews (Greece)
MuchMusic/MuchUSA Le Monde (France) WHOB (New Hampshire)
TVO (Vox, Diplomatic Immunity) Boston Herald WBEZ (Chicago)
Vision TV Orlando Sentinel LaFM (Columbia)
  Weekly Voice Magazine (Canada)  
  Kodansha Online (Japan)    
    Les Echos (France)   
    Toronto Life Magazine (Canada)   
    The Sun (UK)    
    Min Pao Daily (Chinese, Toronto)    
    Non-Profit Times (New York)    
     Economic Times (India)    
   Le Devoir (Montreal, Canada)   
   Observer-Dispatch (Utica, NY)    
  Detroit Free Press  

Our Future:

In the future we are planning to keep this website online and expand it into an even larger hub and be able to promote our country to the World. In the 1-3 years span, plan is to create an international and educational organization. Afghan Network Foundation, the main purpose of this foundation would be to able to educate young Afghans and build the environment for them to do so. These missions would include sending resources such as Afghan teachers and trainees for teachers to Afghanistan and to rebuild the Afghan education system. We would support them financially and with networking with US and European education systems and any other way we can. We would try to build schools that are world standard and be able to teach co-education to all the young Afghans. Help build libraries in cities and rural Afghanistan in order to broaden the amount of information available to Afghans in urban and remote areas. This would be done in cooperation with well-established public libraries and universities in the US, Canada, Germany, France, and the UK. We'd like to start from city of Kabul and expand from there to other large cities and towns with smaller branches in smaller towns and villages. These education facilities would be able to get their books and other materials from companies that are willing to donate new books to the schools. Also, with the financial situation of the foundation we would be willing to buy the books and materials. ANF would try to have their own educational institutions. These schools would be build to accommodate large number of students with small classrooms size of about 25 students maximum so that students would be able to learn in a comfortable environment. We would be seeking for scholarships, internships and fellowships from other schools, universities and other educational institutions around the world to mobilize the students and globalize them. Creating partnerships with other schools around the world, we would be able to expand and promote these schools everywhere. The main goal is that within 10 years from the start of the project, we would have a school which would accommodate somewhere around 3000 - 5000 students with about 150 - 250 staff each depending on the location. More information about the project will be available soon.....The planning phase is in the works and we are seeking financial and logistical support from individual or corporate donors to this project.

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