Non-National Flags Of Afghanistan

Pashtunistan Flag

(This flag was established during the compaign of reclaiming the Frontier land that is still under dispute between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The following years by the Royal Goverment and the Republic: 1951,1953,1957,1964,1966,1973,1974,1975. The Frontier Province of NorthWest in Pakistan is dominated by pashtuns who are afghans and want their land back in the hands of Afghan Government. This compaign was boosted during the Daoud Khan era and was the biggest issue at the time. The famous Durrand Line was drawn by the British Empire in the early 1900's cutting off about 35 percent of the Afghan Pashtuns onto the Pakistan side known as the NorthWestern Frontier Province (NWFP) but Afghanistan never agreed to the agreement. After the fall of the Afghan Government in 1978, the compaign died with it, but now the revival of the compaign is starting to pick up some speed.)

Pashtunistan Flag

(The compaign voted on a new flag to revive the compaign in 1985)

National Aviation Flag
© Rudi Longueville
(This is flag used by the National Aviation of Afghanistan during the 1970's)



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