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After Afghanistan : The Long Haul
Harlan Cleveland / Published 1980

After Afghanistan : The Long Haul Safeguarding Security and Independence in the Third World
Atlantic Council's Working Group on Security Affairs / Published 1980

Archaeology of Afghanistan : From Earliest Times to the Timurid Period
F. R. Allchin, N. Hammond (Editor) / Published 1978

Art in Afghanistan: objects from the Kabul Museum
Frances Mortimer Rice

Beyond All Frontiers
Emma Drummond / Published 1983

A Bibliography of Afghanistan
Keith and Whittaker, William McLachlan / Published 1983

Buzkashi : Game and Power in Afghanistan
Whitney Azoy / Published 1982

Caravan Journeys and Wanderings in Persia, Afghanistan, and Campbell
Joseph Pierre. Ferrier / Published 1976

The Conflict of Tribe and State in Iran and Afghanistan
Richard Tapper(Editor) / Published 1983

Contemporary Afghanistan and Peace Prospects
Refaqat Ali Khan

The Cruel Way (Virago/Beacon Travelers)
Ella K. Maillart / Published 1987

Dust of the Saints : A Journey to Herat in Time of War
Radek Sikorski / Published 1990

The Fall of Afghanistan : An Insider's Account
Abdul Samad Ghaus / Published 1988

The Fateful Pebble : Afghanistan's Role in the Fall of the Soviet Empire
Anthony Arnold / Published 1993

Feast of Bones
Daniel Bolger / Published 1990

First Supplement to the Who's Who of Afghanistan: Democratic Republic of Afghanistan
Ludwig W. Adamec

Fishes of Afghanistan, An Annotated Check-list
Brian W. Coad

Flight to Afghanistan
Dean Finley. Herbst / Published 1969

Afghanistan's Endless War: State Failure, Regional Politics, and the Rise of the Taliban
(Larry P. Goodson) (June 2001)

The Hidden War: A Journalist's Account of the Soviet War in Afghanistan
(Artyom Borovik) (June 2001)

The Afghans (The Peoples of Asia)
(Willem Vogelsang) (November 2001)

Afghanistan - A New History  
(Martin Ewans)

Fire in Afghanistan 1914-1929  
(Rhea Talley Stewart) 

Bactrian Documents from Northern Afghanistan
(Nicholas Sims-W.)

The Light Garden of the Angel King : Travels in Afghanistan
(Peter Levi) 

Essential Field GuidesTo Humanitarian & Conflict Zones
(Edward Giradet) 

History Of Saffarids In Sistan & Maliks In Nimruz
(Clifford E. Bosworth)

Afghanistan Foreign Policy & Government Guide
(USA I.B.P.)

A Strategic Assessment Of Afghanistan
(Afghan Research Group)

An Unexpected Light: Travels in Afghanistan
(Jason Elliot) 

Ancient Buddhist Scrolls From Gandhara
(Richard Saloman)

Islam And Resistance In Afghanistan
(Olivier Roy)

Afghanistan Country Study Guide
(USA I.B.P.)

War At The Top Of The World
(Eric S. Margolis)

War's Offensive On Women
(Julie A. Mertus)

Afghanistan Diary 1992 - 2000
(Edward Grazda)

Afghan Business Law Handbook
(USA I.B.P.)

Women Of The Afghan War
(Deborah Ellis) 

Folk Tales Of Afghanistan
(Asha Dhar)

The Jewel Carriers
(Akbar Varney)


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