Emergency Appeal
All proceeds will go to help the refugees who are displaced inside Afghanistan.

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Important Bulletin
We are still a very young foundation, we need help from Afghan and non-Afghan professionals who can advise us more on how to operate the foundation. Please email us at info@afghan-network.net

Afghan Network Foundation, the main purpose of this foundation would be to able to educate young Afghans and in the future to expand into helping other nationalities in the future. These missions would include sending resources such as Afghan teachers and trainees for teachers to Afghanistan and to rebuild the Afghan education system. We would support them financially and with networking with US and European education systems and any other way we can. We would try to build schools that are world standard and be able to teach co-education to all the young Afghans. Help build libraries in rural Afghanistan in order to broaden the amount of information available to Afghans in remote areas. This would be done in cooperation with well-established libraries in the US, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Australia and UK. We would have to assess the situation then, but we would have to start from somewhere and we'd like to start from city of Kabul and expand from there to other large cities and towns with smaller branches in smaller towns and villages. These education facilities would be able to get their books and other materials from companies that are willing to donate new books to the schools. Also, with the financial situation of the foundation we would be willing to buy books and materials if necessary. ANF would try to have their own educational institutions. These schools would be build to accommodate large number of students with small classrooms size of about 25 students maximum so that students would be able to learn in a comfortable environment. We would be seeking for scholarships, internships and fellowships from other schools, universities and other educational institutions around the world to mobilize the students and globalize them. Creating partnerships with other schools around the world, we would be able to expand and promote these schools everywhere. The main goal is that within 10 years from the start of the project, we would have a school which would accommodate somewhere around 3000 - 5000 students with about 150 - 250 staff each depending on the location. The project would include about 5 branches in smaller villages. More information about the project will be available soon.....The planning phase is in the works and we are seeking financial and logistical support from individual or corporate donors to this project.

The AFGHAN NETWORK FOUNDATION will be also creating a Scholarship Fund for Afghan university students and Afghans students entering the Universities abroad. We are hoping that by year 2004 - 2005, we will have the ANF Scholarship in place. This scholarship will help finance the students with the their university tuition and student life. Everything from tutoring, books and other materials and the most important the tuition fees that are high nowadays will be considered for subsidy. This scholarship would be available to ALL Afghans ANYWHERE in the World. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage the youth to go onto Post-high school studies at Universities and Colleges around the World. The scholarship will not take into consideration what the student is going to study but the status of the Student. Students will be evaluated through their high achievements and also their financial status. The Scholarship will fund students who have either low income or high grades in their educational institution. The number of scholarships available will be decided on the amount of money that the Fund will have. We are hoping that by creating a scholarship of such kind will encourage Afghan students to go on further education in any field. This scholarship will also emphasize on how much will the students will contribute in rebuilding our country. The students pursuing Masters and Doctorate degrees will be given extra attention if they are pursuing to work in Afghanistan for their research period.

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