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Some of the many emails sent to Afghan Network, regarding the bombings in NYC and Washington, DC.. The emails below is less than 30% of all the mail we received.  The letters are posted by order of date received. The following are in descending order from newest to oldest

Arthur Majchrowski 

This is to all the fucken MUSLIMS living in Canada and the U.S.  I am sick of all of u fucken Muslims coming over and using our welfare programs, and IT is going to stop. Stay in your fucken county.  It's the job of every white person to wake up, and declare a holy war on the fucken Arabs and the fucken Jews.  Lets make this world safe to live in again.  We have to go and
Nuke those RATS...Muslims your days on this planet are numbered..... pray to your fucken rat god, that u wont have to meet me face to face. Because I would fuck u up. AMERICA wake up.. lets save our resources.. NUKE those animals... and any one else that sees that the white race is not in control. I WELCOME A WAR BETWEEN CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS,,, so BEWARE u fucken ARABS... I HATE U.. AND I WILL KILL U WHEN I GET A CHANCE... look at the sky for our NUKE...

Trey P.


How ignorant you are. Arthur Majchrowski (MajchrowSKI).  A man named Hitler tried to rid the world of "-ski's" like yourself and you maintain the hypocrisy to write such horrible statements.  How many Polish Jews were slaughtered in the name of sophisticated Christianity by that leader?  As a Christian, as you appear to claim to be, shame on you for not having the capacity to forgive the desperate individuals who committed this horrible crime in the name of their leader who mislead them by a perverted interpretation of Islam.  I am a Christian and I can forgive those Muslim extremists who hurt our country.  These are people who were mislead and misdirected, nothing more.  Muslims are generally peaceful, arguably more so than our fellow Christians (historically).

Nothing I write to you will change your opinions, but I sure hope your children go to school and developed great friendships with Muslims, despite your influence.  I hope they will forgive you. You are not God and therefore have no right to condemn the souls of others. You may want to re-evaluate your own soul.

For the record, I strongly support our country's reaction, with regard to our efforts to minimize the capabilities of potential terrorists.  It is with much personal regret that the civilians must suffer to allow peace and freedom to eventually come to fruition.  I hope that justice will find those responsible.  It is people like yourself who our country needs to keep a close eye on.  I am glad you have the right to say what you have said, but I certainly hope you never act on your convictions.  If you do I would guess you will end up in the same hell as those who hate you.

A Concerned Responder
Trey P.

Delhi, India

Hi guys Your web site was great with lot of stories about bastards  like Mahmud of Ghazni, babar. Who came to India to kill Hindus, loot and demolish temples. Today the grand sons and daughters of your hero's (Ghazni, babar) are terrorists and prostitutes. You filthy bastards deserves this for demolishing our temple and looting our gold. Where do you think all the sins did by your elders will go?? Any idea of course it will go only to you people (their children). For the next 100,000 I curse the great Land of Afghanistan to remain in rubbles and dust with prostitutes and terrorists.

Bye bastards


Why don't you guys save what left of your ass and give up the idiot who got you into this mess?

Mark T. Jacobs
Sales Engineer
TelePacific Communications

Dick Pahl


You assholes should enjoy the next few months.

I wish you would enter my backyard and see how freedom is defended.  I honestly hope that some of our bombs miss and kill your wives and kids.
Start wrapping your towels around your heads and kiss your asses goodbye.
Sleep well!!


Dear all, especially Afghan friends,
I'm from Italy; my country is 100% with the US in this campaign, and so am I. However, it drives me crazy to think of the pain and fright the innocent Afghans are going through. I want you all to know that this campaign is not intended to hurt the innocent, and it's not mere retaliation.

Somehow it reminds me of Italy during world war II. The Allies came and bombed my country in order to free us from the Nazis. Countless civilians were killed by American bombs - my grand mother lost 8 members of her family in an American air strike, and  was left widow and orphan with 2 small children. If the Americans had not come, maybe all that destruction wouldn't have taken place, but to what cost? Freedom was restored to my country, also thanks to the sacrifice of civilians, including my grand father's... It is a dangerous time for all of us, even in "safe" Italy. Biological threats and terrorist attacks are possible anywhere. I'm scared too, but I know that in order to eradicate terrorism and restore peace, more than words are necessary, and I know there's even a chance that I may become a victim of violence myself. But unfortunately, good will isn't always enough to achieve peace, history shows that.

So again, please bear in mind that this isn't a war against you, or against your religion. This is an opportunity to finally bring democracy and freedom to your country. I'm not a politics expert, but I know the Taliban are terrorists, not only to Western people but to their own citizens as well. As a woman, it is even harder for me not to hate the Taliban..... It's sad it took a terrorist attack for the world to wake up about the Afghan situation. I somehow feel guilty I didn't notice what was going on. I hope the West can help free your country and cooperate to create a better future for everyone, East and West. I'm horrified by the "hate mails" I've read. Italy was ruled by Fascists during World War II, but I sure don't think civilians were guilty of that; their only guilt was probably fear...

I love to have pen pals from all over the world to share culture and views with, and I'd love to hear what people from the Afghan region think about all this. Any reply is more than welcome: my email is I hope this may be published in the "Opinions and Views" section, so that someone may see this and write to me.

I thank you for this wonderful site. Thank you for teaching the world about your culture, your history and your suffering which, believe me, we all share. I am convinced that a brighter future is coming soon for Afghanistan. I hope I can visit it someday, and see a peaceful and democratic country where people can study, voice their opinion, and laugh again.

Love and friendship

Seema Dean

Dear brothers and sisters:

 my heart goes out to  Afghanis at this time of difficulty.  Every sensible person knows that Afghanis had nothing to do with terrorism, in fact they are victims of terrorism.  This war on Afghanistan seems to be a disaster of nations bomb a poor nation to satisfy their self-centered, arrogant and ignorant citizens while the whole world watches this slap on civilization.  poor, innocent, struggling Afghanis are put to fear while rich of this world complain of their safety.  I am hurt and heart broken after seeing the hypocrisy of this world.  How is it that in this day and age, we can't resolve this situation without war on civilians? it is ignorant to think that war is the only solution.
I am praying for children of Afghanistan, I am praying for women, men and elders of Afghanistan that they be rewarded with justice, fairness, happiness, honor and dignity.  I am not an Afghani, but  i know enough to realize that they deserve much better than this.  World belongs to them as much as it belongs to Americans.  Financial supremacy does not give Americans.....including myself any right to insult, humiliate, murder or eliminate other humans.  A life lost in W.T.C is equivalent to a life lost in so called "collateral damage" (I hate this word) and we must realize that if we disrespect other nations we are no longer respectful, regardless of our geography, financial supremacy, or so called democracy.

Amini Hashimi

It is great that all world knows about Afghanistan's tragedy and I'm happy war began against Taliban band and that band was built by hand of Pakistan which is the biggest enemy of Afghanistan.


Kabul, Afghanistan

Latitude: 34 degrees, 33 minutes north
Longitude: 69 degrees, 13 minutes east

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5...

Drew Thurman

I want to say that I am sorry about our fellow Americans who cannot give you the respect that you deserve. It is sad to see how much hate people have on all sides. Keep your head high and remember that ignorant people resort to some pretty tasteless things. Sorry and may we all heal together.

Bruce Launius

The United States is mistaken in it's belief that bombs and missiles will destroy the Taliban.  If anything, these attacks will only
strengthen their resolve to resist US interference in Asian politics. The US supported the Taliban with arms and finances when Afghanistan was trying to repel the invasion of the Soviet Union.  At that time we saw
Russia as our enemy and the Taliban as friends, now it is the reverse. The United States helped to create the turmoil that rages in Afghanistan, the least we can do is to try to bring peace, not war, to Afghanistan.

Peace unto you,

Larry LeCam

To all Afghan People:
I think it is clear that the Afghan people are not enemies of people anywhere. Their suffering for the past twenty years has been inflicted upon them by people from outside Afghanistan who take their own cause and inflict it upon the people of Afghanistan for their own ends. I think it is time for the whole world to make sure that we do not walk away from Afghanistan when the current crises subsides. We should help rebuild infrastructure and Afghan society to their specifications and aid them in getting a government of their choosing not ours. We can provide Food, building materials construction workers and anything else that will be required to assist them in a massive reconstruction of their country. The Afghan people have been a gentle fun loving people and the entire world including the United States has contributed in one way or another in the destruction of the country and its people. It is now our responsibility to correct these problems of our creation with the generosity and goodwill with which we love to announce to the world. I think Americans want to do this and I think we will. It would make a great difference in many thousands if not millions of Afghan lives who have never asked for more than to live in peace with the rest of the world community. 

Andrew McDonnell

Dear Sirs,

Like many in the UK and America, I have watched the news on television over the last month.  We have been told that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for the destruction in America, and that the Afghan government has been harbouring him, and allowing terrorist training camps to operate within their Country.

The message coming from Afghanistan is that strikes against your Country are an insult to Islam and that they justify a Holy War. Surely, however, it is obvious to anybody, that the massacre of 11th September was an attempt to declare all out war on the USA, and lead them into battle against the East.  It has succeeded. One does not destroy thousands of innocent members of the public, and destroy major elements of a city, without expecting some retribution.

Terrorism is not acceptable at any level in any Country, whether in the name of God or not.  That is why the majority of the world is supporting the USA's actions. To add insult to injury, your Country's leaders are now declaring a Holy War against the USA.  How can you possibly justify that comment?  This is a war that nobody wants, but it was clearly and obviously instigated by terrorist groups operating in your Country. If it leads to a confrontation between East and West (which nobody wants) it will be because of the actions of these groups.

Please do not imply this war is in the name of God, but admit this war was started for political reasons. Let's face the truth together, if terrorists did not exist on this earth, these levels of violence would not occur, and we would all be much happier. Lets turn our anger and frustration on the groups who led us to this situation.  They are the ones spoiling our chances of peace.

Very best regards,


Dear Sir,

I am, like most Americans, a peace-loving individual we have little control over foreign policy of our Government.  I fully understand the situation between Israel and Palestine, and the resentment that Arab's - not Muslim's feel.  The battle is not between Christians, Jews, or Muslim's. Rather it's now become a war between your country, as well as other Arab Nations by the Western Collation - even Pakistan, the one and only Nation in the entire world, that recognizes your "Government" is convinced that Osama bin Laden is responsible for the attacks on the W.T.C in NY. Although I'm a peaceful person, I do have to let you know, that America has weapons at it's disposal that if used, will have to be used on all Arab Nations that are our enemies.

Have you forgotten the Neutron Bomb? It was never scraped, have you forgotten about Dioxin - the really bad ingredient in Agent Orange? Well it's buried in 55-Gallon drums - ready when needed.

Although I'm a peaceful person, it appears to me that the only way to ensure peace is to wage a war of genocide on Arab Nations - that's what so nice of the Neutron, kill's people, yet leave the infrastructure undamaged.

Please think twice before we really get mad

Yours truly,

K.M. Paulsen

As an American citizen I have been fearful of what our leaders will do in response to the attack on the WTC. Now we have done it by bombing the land of Afghanistan. The solution to the problem of terrorism lies not in violence, for that is their reality, and I believe they welcome it with joy. My prayers are with us all. War is no practical answer and I do not want it. Peace. 

Morten Medgyesi

Dear Sirs.

I beg You to surrender Mr. Bin Laden for the sake of Your people. They have suffered so much already and Mr. Bin Laden is abusing Islam for his own purposes. I cry every time I see the suffering of the proud and brave Afghans and I pray that Afghanistan will become a great and prosperous nation and that his people will experience peace; not just among themselves, but also with the rest of the world. I know, that Mr. Bin Laden is a guest and that you should honour Your guests, but I am afraid, he will only bring you misery. I am sure, that all true Muslims would agree with this. We all believe in the same God and even though we we interpret the holy writings differently, we could peacefully co-exist if we learned to respect each others differences.

With much respect and humbleness

John & Mike


Kiss my American ass and die  you stupid redneck idiots.  I hope you drown in camel piss!!!!

Fuck YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomm Becker

Dear representatives of the afghan people,

i am incredibly sorry, and apologize on behalf of my fellow citizens of America's contempt and nationalistic and personal pride.
i pray that those around me, and myself, can find humility and love within our hearts for all men.
please, accept my apology for the frantic horrible words that are coming from my brother's mouths.
Peace, tranquility,

Ken Hawkes

Taliban is anti-peace. They would rather let their people and children die because of a very few. You can't hand over the terrorists because either you are afraid of them or you are one of them.  Let god judge those, he doesn't need your help. Only Satan need help.





Fred D.

How come no one ever mentions that the CIA was the prime funder for the Taliban regime when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan ?  The CIA, it is sad to say, made the Taliban into a powerful political force.  Do people remember when the US and the West used to fund Iraq during the Iran - Iraq war ?  As usual this, and other subtleties, will be swept under the carpet of history.  Yet these subtleties give some indication of the complexity of the task facing the US and its allies. Americans should learn to play chess rather than poker.

As for the public outrage in the US and the hate mail, there is no way to condone or forgive the Sep 11 event.  But neither is it a license to stop thinking or to bring unjust suffering to other parts of the world.  America and its allies need to pragmatically find a way to fight a dark political movement that threatens its security and interests.  It need not pretend it is "innocent" and "good" and take a moral high ground it does not deserve.  A friend of mine is a Muslim; he got beaten up on the Cornell campus by some rednecks.

Maybe people should also remember the Spanish Inquisition (now I am going way back).  The Muslims used to rule Spain and they essentially allowed freedom of cult for the Jews and Catholics and respected their religious buildings.  When the Catholics came back to power in Spain and Portugal they turned all the mosques into churches or they burnt them, and they forced the Jews to live in Jewries and, in some cases, to wear a black badge on their garments. So use your brain and do not simplify the world to fit your anger or your views.

Calgary, Canada.

I want you at Afghan Network, and other Afghans out there, to know that there are those of us in the West and in America that don't feel the way that the majority of respondents on this page feel. Remember that the type
of people who take the time and effort to write hate-filled email into a website like yours are probably motivated by emotions like fear, anger and above all, fueled by ignorance.

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can realize that Osama bin Laden and the Taliban do not represent the people of Afghanistan or any other Islamic or Arabic country. Here in the west, the actions and views of a government GENERALLY represent the will of the people, many in America, Canada and the west forget that this is not the case in other parts of the world.

Anyways, I want to say to all the folks out there who have written in with disparaging comments to the people of the Afghan-Network that I actually feel scared, depressed and somewhat physically sick from reading your comments. I've never seen such a display of hatred and ignorance, such a lack of understanding and compassion before in my 21 years on this planet. I think most of you should be ashamed of yourselves, your talk of killing and harming people in Afghanistan, or anywhere else for that matter, makes you no better than bin Laden himself. Can't you understand that more violence and military action will just generate more hatred (on both sides of the issue) and motivate more terrorists? It's a circular war that, if continually fed, will never end and will never be won. Many of you advocate stampeding into Afghanistan, with guns-blazing for retribution and "justice" and this in my opinion makes you as big of terrorists (consider the meaning of the word, possibly: one who brings unnecessary suffering to another?) as anyone. There are other ways to solve conflicts and disputes. Remember that Jesus, who is an esteemed prophet in Islam as well as the Messiah in Christianity, said to love all your neighbours, even those that are tough to love. And it was Gandhi who said, "Smote the sin, not the sinner." Can't we learn lessons from people like this and like Martin Luther King Jr or Mother Teresa who dedicate their lives to peaceful and positive change? I feel that the greatest people and the people who have done the most good for our species are those that never fought a war, those that refused to hate, and those that understood and had compassion for their enemies.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN,                                                        


As an American/Israeli citizen, I feel that I must write a few words. I read the newspapers, watch TV reporting on Afghanistan, especially that special report done by an English reporter woman of Afghani decent, and I cannot stop from feeling just as sorry and horrified at the situation in Afghanistan. I think that the Afghani people played with fire by allowing a clan like the Taliban take control, and are caught in the fire themselves. I hope that together with the punishment of the Al Qaeda org and its leaders, Afghanistan will rid itself of the brutality of the Taliban and will be helped to establish a more moderate, forgiving regime.  It is obvious that we are all losers in this situation and we have to work on improving the lives of the people in that area so that they have no reason to resort to this kind of options.

Don Gerard

I have explored much of your web site, including your mission statement. It appears you are the world representative of Afghans in exile and as such should probably not be the target of so much of the violent hate that is coming your way. It's pretty much a shame you can't get the letters to those who need to see them since I doubt they even allow use of the internet. I do believe that you could encourage your fellow exiles however to begin actively helping to ferret out the terrorists we all know are still out there plotting more vicious acts against the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Russia, Japan, etc, etc. As a representative of the oppressed citizenry of Afghanistan, now would be  a golden opportunity to seek the help you haven't been able to get in the past from us. In the past we have been indifferent to Islam, simply relying on hearsay as our source of information. Even as we prepare for war against terrorists, we are beginning to learn from true Islamic groups what the religious tenants really are. Tell us more. Use this opportunity to teach us about the Islamic religion while many of us are listening. Obviously there is a lot of animosity here against the Taliban. Anyone who reads your "political view" section would recognize that you have not much use for the Taliban either. You may be the only representative of the repressed peoples of Afghanistan. Hopefully whatever actions are taken against the Taliban will allow the installation of a government there that will finally allow the people the same freedoms you have in Canada, Denmark and other free countries of the world. Only in a free society will your goals of establishing schools throughout the country be realized. I hope someday you will accomplish that goal. Help us rid the world of terrorists and perhaps that goal can be reached sooner.




You guys should really listen to President Bush. There is no need to hide a sub-human dirt bag like Bin Laden if the down-side is turning your impoverished country into a parking lot. Think. Start acting like men and not whining little boys. 


Look forward to visiting your country, killing some people, leaving, then revisiting when it's a nice glass parking lot from multiple bombs!!!!  Should be dropping in next week to give the beautiful people a kiss with my M-60 & a few grenades!!!!  Bye-Bye dickheads!!!!

Robert Arango

Since you are people of lies and hatred, I will support the cutoff of all American aid to your country.  Evil people like yourselves and Saddam Hussein never care about their own people, only power.  May God have mercy on your wretched souls.  The world will not.

Cindy Girone

If you think we believe that your country had nothing to do with this act of war your stupid. you harbor a terrorist you become one. Americans also don't take your threats of more terrorism if we blow you the hell up. we will blow your ass off . GOD BLESS AMERICA ||| IF THIS EMAIL OFFENDS YOU ,TOUGH SHIT WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR BULLSHIT. LOOK TO THE SKY NOT FOR GOD BUT FOR THE CRUISE MISSILES YOU DESERVE .    CONGRATULATIONS YOU DUMB FUCKS YOU MANAGED TO PISS OFF THE WHOLE WORLD

Jack American
Country:  USA

Comments:  You terrorist bastards will pay.  I will now dedicate my lifes work to hunting down every single one of you bastards and killing you.  Just like the people in the world trade centers where killed for no reason, I too, will kill all of your filthy kind for no reason other than being born.  Don't dare sleep, because you won't wake up.  You will f*&^ing die you pig bastards.  I will kill your mothers and daughters first, while you watch.  Your blood will mix with that of unclean animals.  I will torture you for my pleasure.  Tomorrow I leave my home here in the USA to travel to yours.  I have supplies waiting for me...  and I will start killing all of you...

Jim Polichak

Dear Sirs;
I am sure that you have heard President Bush's address of last evening.  I want to assure you that he is most sincere.  I want to assure you that he did not exaggerate the mood of America.  If any thing, I believe that he understated it. If you have any regard for the safety of your nation and the lives of your people you MUST comply with Bush's demand in one way or another! I understand your reluctance in turning over men accused of terrorism on what may prove to be insufficient, or perhaps even false evidence.  A compromise must be reached between you government and Mr. Bush, before it becomes your government versus the world as it did during Mr. Bush's father's Gulf War.

I feel that the only rational approach is for you to turn Mr. Bin Laden, and all others who are suspected of the attack on the World Trade Center over to the World Court in the Hague.  Your nation will then not be subjected to attack by American forces, and if the US government can present a sufficient case against the alleged terrorists, they will have to do it in an international court for all the world (including yourselves) to see.

Paul Moshay

Even if Osama Bin Laden is found not responsible. I'm telling the President representatives to LEVEL Afghanistan and reduce it to RUBBLE.   I judge the TALIBAN by the company they CHOOSE to keep.


Comments: I found this site by typing in Bin Laden, We want you to all die. You towel heads messed with the wrong country.. You actually think we will not in some way retaliate for this. We will find you and kill you.  We all have guns hear as well, and if our government doesn't do something about it, We will.  We will bring Armageddon on you  as god as my witness you must all be punished. And we are gods army, you f&^* with the Israelites and now we are going to f*&^ with you.

Brian Martello
City:  San Diego, CA, USA

Comments:  Thank you so much for posting your Guestbook.. In light of today's (9/11/2001) attacks, I am most interested in tracking down all these people you have positively endorsed your site. You have been so helpful, thanks again. ,, Oh,, by the way..  In 1999, when I smuggled a Compaq workstation into your country, I want to thank the Boarder guards for excepting my bribe and allowing this computer to be installed in a private home for the purpose of Proselytizing the Arab nations to Christianity. Although it's my belief that all Muslims should be buried alive inside a pig carcass facing west..  Oh well,,  maybe some time in the near future I'll get my wish..

Mike Anderson


Your worthless people!  I hope you all die!

Ravi Gottam
Email :

City:  Tulsa, OK

Country:  USA (From India)

Occupation: Database conversions

Comments:  I hope you Afghanis people help the US find bin laden OR go to hell!!!!!

John Doe


City: USA

Comments:  Today marks the first day of the extermination of your entire people. Once Again the sleeping giant has been awakened. Your homeland will run red with the blood of it's people

Caesar Robinson



Mary Poppins


City:  NC, USA

Comments:  You probably won't post this, but I will say it anyway. YOUR COUNTRY S$#%. How can you people think of "bin laden" as a hero? he has killed many innocent people today. he is nothing but a coward, hiding behind all of you. All we ever hear is..."oh, our poor people, oh, won't you feed us, oh, we are so needy." I get so sick of hearing it. We have our own people to worry about but do not fret..."THE US WILL RISE AGAIN!!!!!" we may be down, but we are definitely not out. GOD BLESS THE USA!!!

Doug Campbell

Dear Thugs:

Thank you so much for NOT surrendering Bin Laden. This means you will be destroy and you the Cowardly Pig Taliban will be out of Power. I really look forward to Murdering you bastards by the thousands and our great nation  and leaders will show the World we have had enough!!!!


West Monroe, LA
United States of America

A Gilmour 

Your fucking suicide bombers have made me very angry.  I am looking forward to seeing your country eliminated from the globe.

J. Sloan

Bin Laden and the entire Middle East has woke up a very very anger giant, and I predict many countries including your country will no longer exist when the dust settles. You have Bin Laden and the rest of the terrorist camel jockeys for future USA actions.

JJ. Hoggle

To all Afghan peoples:

Thank you for your compassion for all of the  people who have lost their lives at the World Trade Center, at the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania, and for the pain suffered by their families  and friends.  I am a college librarian in Silicon Valley (California) who has worked with many Muslim students at the different libraries I have worked in, including a few students from Afghanistan.  I try to assure all of these students that 99% of Americans are not angry at Muslims or the religion of Islam and understand that a few terrorists do not represent the vast majority of Islamic peoples.  We understand that murder, terrorism, and suicide are haram in Islam as they are in all other religions.

I also thank you for your political support of and, to those who live in the US, involvement in this country in this time of crisis.  To those still living in Afghanistan, I appreciate the personal risks that you are facing in your own country for supporting the US, but I think it is a courageous and moral stand, and I am impressed.  To those living in the US, I apologize for and am ashamed of the stupid, evil Americans of any ethnic background who harass or persecute you because of ethnic or religious reasons.

I realize that Afghanistan and much of the Mideast has suffered for too many years under the yoke of 19th and 20th century empire builders, from earlier invasions of many groups across your lands, and from conflicts with your neighbors. I don't think enough Americans of European, Latino, Asian, or African ancestry know your history and culture, but I hope that Afghan and Afghan-American support of the US in our shared time of crisis helps brings all of us to a better understanding and appreciation for Afghanistan and its people, both here and in the home country.

Dave M.

I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. 

I do not see a lot of positives occurring by our attacking Afghanistan.  The country is already in the stone age as a result of 20 years of war.  How can we expect to find Bin Laden without a lot of casualties on both sides?  And, really, isn't this what Bin Laden wants? 

Dawn B.

Dear Afghanistan,
I am an American in shock (as many) over what happened on Sept. 11, 2001. I am not writing to add to your hate mail you have received.  I want to stop the hate.  Hate is what caused all this to happen in the beginning.  I realize the Afghanistan people are not responsible for what happened and I wish no ill will toward them.  The Afghanistan government is harboring the terrorist and his group that the WORLD is seeking not just the United States.  Many other countries lost people in the W.T.C towers and the pentagon, not just the U.S.  I ask that the Afghanistan government turn over Bin Laden and let him face the world courts and let the courts decide if he is guilty.

What most upsets me though, is the videos of Afghanistan men, women and children dancing in the streets and cheering as America weeps over its dead.   Why are you teaching your children to hate?  Hate solves nothing?  I was shocked when the towers fell but I cried when I saw your children dancing in the streets and cheering at our pain.  Why!

The U.S. is not responsible for your current troubles.  You are responsible for yourselves.  Your people have been fighting since biblical times.  It is time to stop the hate.  Time to stop the blame.  Stop the fighting.  Your religion and your God preaches peace.  Your God as my God is a peaceful God.  There is no such thing as a Holy War.  God doesn't want war he wants peace.  Nothing good happens through war.  Stop the Hate.  Please teach your children about Peace and Love and Cooperation and Tolerance, not to dance and celebrate over others pain.

Don Collins

I would like here to express my support for your country and all its people. It seems that the U.S. are looking to blame anyone for the September 11th incident. I and many British people cannot see why they are pointing blame at your country. The U.S., have waged war and funded terrorism all over the world, including support for the I.R.A., a terrorist organisation which attacks and murders British Subjects.

America got a taste of its own medicine and therefore needs to look inwardly, asking itself the question Why did it happen?... not Who can they blame and subsequently invade. Western media coverage of the events fails to and refuses to include views of many, that America asked for and got what was due!

Haley Schwartz

This email is in response to the angry and hateful messages Americans are sending towards Afghanistan's people.  I am an American, from New York City. There has not been a day since Tuesday that I have not thought what has happened, and worried about what will happen.  It has made me terrified, sick and depressed. But I write this email to tell you that there are many Americans, including myself, who do not blame the citizens of Afghanistan, and that do not want more innocent people to die, American, Afghan, Palestine, no one.  I am sick with grief not only over the only place I have ever called home, NYC,  but over what is going on, and has been going on in Afghanistan.  I am terribly worried for Afghans and for the world. I think we all need to work together to end terrorism and the inhumane actions of the Taleban government. I pray for all us.

Strength and Support

Mary Mollison

The hate mail you have received is frightening to say the least.  Hate mail unfortunately is usually the result of emotional ignorance, when rational analysis is needed.  I noticed in all the media coverage a word kept cropping up - that we are 'civilized' (are we? that we have produced such a monstrous corporate machine that has caused such distress to other countries).

I live in London, UK, and regularly attend the Sunday debates at Hyde Park Speakers Corner from international speakers.  Personally, I think there should be a million more of these forums all over the world and maybe everyone can better understand each other!

Jean Walton


As an American, I am very concerned with what I am seeing reported on our network news. The horrible tragedies that happened last week are unspeakable. I wish no ill-will on the war-torn people of Afghanistan. I want justice, not war.

G. Hitchens

To whom it may concern

I'm writing from Canada. I just want to be brief in my opinion about this whole mess. I believe if we continue to attack people because of there political stands, color of skin and religious choice. We become no better than those attacking the world. I think now is the time to but our trust in God and show him we deserve his redemption. God Bless You


Dear Filthy,

Allow me to send you a little historical American writing. Since we are about to destroy your little shit hole of a country, it is only fitting. My fellow American Servicemen:
Arm yourselves and be ye men of valour, stand in readiness for the coming conflict; for it is better to perish in battle than to look upon the outrage of our nation and our altar...Prepare yourselves Taliban Terrorists, death from above is coming, can you hear it, you filthy animals, can you hear it? May Allah have mercy on your souls, because the United States Armed Forces
will not.

James Rechs
Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A.

After reading some of the responses sent to your site, one thing is clear- the enemy here is hate. Hateful people are Christians, Muslims, Jews, and they live in = all countries.   However, this hate is the work of the few.  The majority of Americans, Afghans and other world citizens want peace for themselves, their loved ones and their neighbors.  Those who criticize the Afghan people as cowardly murderers, must appreciate that people in other countries, especially Afghanistan, have a justifiable reason to think Presidents Clinton, Bush Sr and Bush Jr are cowardly murderers. =Yet most of these people do not carry out acts of hate against anyone.  Most of them continue to leave humbly and peacefully.  Clinton, the Bushes and Bin Laden have all killed innocent people.  One major difference is that the U.S. government does not target civilians-- not since the Vietnam war anyway.  We learned our lesson.
   One thing the harvesters of terror do not recognize is that the United States is a country in which people of ALL religions live TOGETHER in PEACE.  True, a few carry out acts of hate against religions other than their own, but 99% of American people live, eat, and work side by side with people of all religions-- and we LOVE this way of life that we call freedom and equality.  I am a Christian, but I have friends who are Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Atheist-- and we all love to learn from each other.  I am a teacher, and I teach Muslim, Christian, and Buddhist children to love one another as equals and work together toward common goals.  This is the attitude of the majority of American people, and Bin Laden and terrorists-- if you are reading this, you must understand that we,. the hard-working, everyday people of the United States of America do not and will not hate people because of their religion or because they are different-- even if you hate us for that reason.  We pray for you, that you may change to a path of love and peace-- the surest path to God/Allah almighty.  God is love.

Burt Lattimore

Afghanistan!! Surrender now immediately!!  If you can't do this simple task we can look forward to a world without Afghanistan!!  It's mind over matter: we don't mind because you don't matter.           Chalmette, LA 

K.D. Vasileiou

I wish no more innocent will die, I wish the ones who have the power to avoid something
like that will do so, I wish (as a Christian Orthodox) that Islam contributes to peace and protection of life, I wish to all who have suffered (in the past, the present, or the future) to fill their minds and souls with wisdom, I wish all human kind turn their backs to violence and blood, From the deepest of my soul, I wish, humanity to become mature and protect its own...

- Greece

Caldera Hecate

I spent much of the day searching the web for sites that would help me broaden my perspective relative to Tuesday's attacks here in NY. I was profoundly disturbed to see the hate mail your site is receiving. While I am angry at the attacks and would like to see the perpetrators meet the Goddess of Justice in all Her fierceness, I do not believe the people of Afghanistan should be held accountable for the acts of a totalitarian minority that openly oppresses them.

I remember praying for the brave freedom fighters who stood against one of the world's mightiest armies some 20 years ago. But when the Taliban took power and enforced their systematic brutality against women and others who do not share their particular brand of Islam, I felt sickened - that all the efforts for freedom would lead to such enormous oppression. And now the thought that my country, my tax dollars, my people, may inflict even more suffering in your land saddens me deeply. Clearly, we (the US) must respond to the terrorist act that killed so many of our own. However, I pray that our response will be appropriately and effectively directed, that it will not become a war against the people of Afghanistan or against Islam.

As to those fellow Americans making such hateful comments, chill out a bit. We all are angry. We all hurt. Take the time to understand some of the things that are really going on - you are doing exactly what the terrorists want us to do when you respond with hatred. You are playing right into their hands. They want us to make war on our Islamic neighbors and allies. That is their only chance to raise an army - their only chance to divide and weaken us. Honor your anger, but stand up for the things our nation really believes in. Let us be strong and proud of who we are and of how we go about the difficult task ahead, without inflicting even more pain on those who already share ours.


Your disclaimer is disturbing.  You state you would like the guilty party brought to justice.  The facts are coming in that Bin Laden may be guilty.  Pakistan (who assist and help the Taliban) want Bin Laden turned over (72 hours starting Monday).  But you will let many innocent people (mostly Afghans) die before turning him over.  I could see if he was the next Allah or Jesus or God, but let us be honest here, he is not. He is just a preacher with a small following.  

The blood of Afghan people is in your hand.  You have a rebel problem which after America begins massive bombings is going to make it easy for them to gain support and territory.  Then there's the Iranians who have implied support to the US because they hate the Taliban and after 22 years, want relations with the US. A little help on this will open that door.  I doubt the Saudi government will step in because its our presence in the Middle east that keeps Iraq in check. (so they (Saudi) don't come off to the the Arab nations as the bad Muslim)
In short, the deck is stacked against you.  I believe the Afghan are peace loving and God fearing people.  Don't make them see there maker before their time. It's your call. Stop it before its too late. 


Robert Medlin

I agree with your statement that not all Afghan's are to blame. I think that it is a difficult situation to be in, knowing that terrorists are being harbored in that country, and that turning them over may cost many lives. Not unlike the civilians in the airliner who bravely overpowered the cowardly terrorists and flew the plane straight into the ground rather than allow themselves to be used as a means of destruction. I believe many of us are going to have to make these same sorts of sacrifices, and pray to God that this is not Armageddon, but if it is I am ready to meet my God. God help us all.

Laura Dring

I came across your site and stopped, sadly, to read the hate mail from fellow Americans that you have received since Tuesday's events.  Being an American myself, I have to say that it's really a shame... We are a country very quick to anger, and rightly so in this case, but I am sorry to say that some of us from the U.S. are not looking at the full scope and acting like terrorists ourselves. I have been reading sites like yours, as wells as the Afghan News Channel and Afghan Online Press, in order to try to see the "big" picture and I urge my fellow Americans to do the same.  Please take the time to turn off the T.V. and instead read the news articles and learn the history before jumping to anger: the majority of Afghans DO NOT SUPPORT THE TALIBAN.  The Taliban is a *small* (only 10%) faction of Afghanistan, while the other 90% are too poor and too depressed by over two decades of civil war (because of the Taliban) to come up against them.  BOTTOM LINE: The majority of Afghanistan wants the fighting to stop and welcome aid from the U.S. to that end.

Just because our television news media show pictures of Afghans dancing in the streets in the wake of the aftermath, that one picture does not equate the feelings or reactions of their entire population.  In a time of great horror, we should not be spending our energies attacking a near-to-unknown enemy.  Our President has identified the enemy as Osama bin Laden and all the terrorists that aid and abet him, and the majority of Afghans agree. This has affected us as all very deeply and very personally, but please, let's remain the great nation that we are and fight only the known enemies.

California, U.S.A.

Sam DeGregorio

This message is to all supporters of The Afghanistan Taliban Personnel who executed this terrible act.  It will be my GREAT pleasure and ENORMOUS DUTY as a member of the UNITED STATES ARMY to fight to the death against all of you.  However rest assured...  that a great many more of you will die then we shall. you will not know in the great dessert where your fathers mothers and children are buried.  Freedom will prevail.  I say this not out of hate or vengeance but of the love for peace and the will to exterminate those who threaten it.  Make no mistake YOU WILL NOT BE VICTORIOUS.                       

Nick Hedlund

I remember when Afghanistan was at  war with the former Soviet Union.  I remember many Afghanis coming to the U.S. to sell lapis and find support in the US.   Now some terrorists that you harbor in your borders have declared war on us.  Do you really want to bear the burden the pain that these terrorists are going to pull you into.   Give up all terrorists, with in your borders.  Simply allow justice to be served, spoken in front of all peoples, and not just in front of the guns that are coming to bear on those who are terrorists or those that harbor them.


I am an American. I do not point my finger at you or condemn you. I pray for your peace and prosperity as well as my own. I pray for peace and unity between us. I am a Christian who loves and respects you and anyone else who believes in a Supreme being who created him and protects him. I respect anyone who has a faith and reverence to that Supreme being. I don't see a difference between us. Perhaps my God is named Allah. I don't know. All I know is that I feel in my heart that our Supreme being wants me to love you and all of his other children. I feel that my Supreme being wants me to respect and protect you. This is why I pray for guidance and I pray for peace and brotherhood between us. My Supreme being wants me to reach out to you. Can you reach out to me in return?

Rudy E. McDaniel

I am not going to jump to judgment on the New York plane crashes until all the facts are in but I must say this: It seems every country is condemning the attacks and do not support them but someone has been supporting the guilty parties and still are. The solution on how to prevent the upcoming retaliation can easily be avoided by simply handing over the guilty parties when asked. If anyone really wants to show their support then they could grow a set of balls and hand them over before being asked to do so. If politics and fears of reprisals by these groups are preventing the right thing from happening then perhaps asking for protection would be in order. Thank you

Mark Callahan

Hello, I hope all is well with you. I am a patriotic American. I was born in New York City, and that is where all my family is from. I was brought to tears at many moments this week over the attack that was inflicted on my country. That being said, I am praying to all the good moral people of Afghanistan. We do not always have control over what our governments do or what people who may share our religion do. The Afghan people endured more suffering in the past. I hope our two countries are not forced into a conflict.

I am not a Muslim. I am a Christian. I don't understand the Muslim religion very well. I hope, and assume, only a minority of Muslims around the world support the actions of  the terrorists in this terrible incident. People believe that fundamentalists like Osama bin Laden form their political views around their religion. I do not share this view. Evil people like him manipulate religion for their purposes. He shapes his religion around his hate filled politics. Please know, that most Americans are good people that are very hurt and angry right now. We have seen images of Muslims around the world celebrating this tragedy. This can only hurt them. I used to be very sympathetic towards the horrible ways Palestinians are treated in Israel. When I witnessed their celebration, I lost that  sympathy. I now see that they hate us. I hope we can end all terrorist activity, without causing additional pain to your people. I hope that we do not meet in battle. I am praying for both of our people. God Bless You All.


Just want you to know as a Native American Indian, I do not hold the every citizen of your country responsible for the terrible acts against America that were committed by terrorism on September 11th. When Americans came to your country and fought, I did not laugh or rejoice in any life that was taken.  Watching the many people of your country rejoice because of our tragedy caused me great disbelief and pain, but I cannot give up the hope that there is still enough humanity in this world to recognize that everyone in every country is at the mercy of the powerful. My words of love and hope and appreciation for the vast cultures of the world will not be heard when the American Government strikes back in retaliation. Nor will yours.   

I bow my head in sorrow, for us all. Pray.


For the past 22 years I have watched the United States people tolerate terrorism directed against our overseas citizens. Most incidents have gone unpunished. In 1979 Iran tortured, and held against their will our diplomats and their staff. Eight U.S. servicemen lost their lives in an aborted attempt to rescue them. In the early 1980's I saw our citizen's bodies dumped onto the tarmac from hijacked commercial jets. There was a wheelchair bound American dumped from a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea.   More than two-hundred U.S. Marines were murdered as they slept in Lebanon. America has had enough. You, the people and government of Afghanistan, have an opportunity to join the fight against terrorism. President Bush stated it very clearly. "Either you are with us, or you are against us." If you are with us, you must flush out bin Laden and arrest him for extradition to the United States. IF YOU ARE NOT WITH US, MAY THE FURY AND RAGE OF THE AMERICAN MILITARY AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WIPE ALL TRACES OF YOUR RACE, EXCEPT YOUR CHILDREN, FROM THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!

D.C. Wornock



Why is it always that the innocent must suffer for the guilt of the Policy Makers (Leaders)?  Five thousand innocent dead, but not one policy maker was among them. I was in tears after seeing on TV the pain of the children, wives and parents of the innocent dead.  I know you were not involved but please use your influence to see that this never happens again.


President Clinton bombs Afghanistan and a Pharmaceutical factory killing children at play and other innocent people.  Does he get punished or does he suffer the death of his wife or daughter?  No, only the innocent.   It is the policy makers, not American people, that choose to be involved in the disputes between Israel and Palestine and other countries, and thereby offend one, or the other, or both.  Do the policy makers suffer from the consequences of their decisions?  No, only the innocent. I know the Moslem religion believes in peace.  Considering all the wars, and suffering that so many Moslems have suffered only their great forbearance explains why many more have not sought revenge.  That a few do seek to be avenged for the atrocities committed against them is understandable.


I believe that in our country the policy makers are too often rewarded when they choose acts of aggression.  The generals get promotions and medals and the president get re-elected.  Only the innocent get killed or injured. I donít claim to know if our policy makers are right or wrong when they order acts of war against others.  However, when they make their decisions they should be willing to place themselves in as much danger as those they send to fight.  But, instead the policy makers never put themselves in danger. Perhaps the primary reason the USA and Soviet Union never went to war was because a war between the two super powers would have placed the policy makers in great danger. There are reasons to believe that President Kennedy was killed as a result of his attempt to kill Castro.  So what do the policy makers do in response?  They make treaties amongst themselves to outlaw any attempt to kill the leaders.  That consideration is not given to the people.  Perhaps there would be fewer wars if the if making war would put the policy makers in danger.


I do not advocate revenge, but if it must be then it should be against the policy makers and not the innocent.  I believe subject terror is in response to actions by the US Government and that it is an attempt to get the policy makers to mind their own business.  The United States will respond, the response will be terrible, and many more innocent will die. Suppose, instead of subject terror, a previous President of the United States and a previous Secretary of Defense and perhaps a member of Congress or their wives or children (and I would especially hate that) had been killed.  That would give the current policy makers pause for thought.  They would realize that taking further action would place themselves and their family in danger.  I, and the people of the United States, would be outraged, but at least so many innocent would not have died.



First, I want to make clear that i believe the shedding of more innocent blood is not the first choice we have. Americans are angered, the world is angered. But this is not a time to show the middle east that our values can stoop as low as the slaughter of innocents. I realize that the Koran states that the killing of innocent people in the name of anything is a sin. If the Afghan people are truly afraid, which they should be, of Americas occupation and destruction of Afghanistan, then it's time for you afghan peoples to practice a very democratic right. Stand up against your government, stand with the American soldiers that are on their way to your country. If the people of Afghanistan stand up against the Taliban, you might be killed, and you might not. Think about it. We will not let your govt. slaughter you. If they do slaughter you for standing up for the rights of human beings, then maybe we are coming over there for a good reason. Americans are not interested in wiping out Islam or any of it's factions. We are looking to wipe out the system of belief that states it's ok to shed the blood of thousands of innocents in a random attack to portray your own values. True, American military personnel has occupied the middle east for quite some time now, but any actions taken by our military are decisive military maneuvers, not terrorist cleansings. I wish it would not be so, but your country will run red with the blood of your people if someone does not stand up against bin laden. RISE UP AFGHANISTAN, AND LET YOUR GOVT., KNOW YOU WILL NOT TOLERATE YOUR SLAUGHTER FOR THE EXCHANGE OF THEIR VALUES AND MONEY.


Just wanted you to know that it is your country that already started the "Holly War". I am 17 years of age. I will volunteer until I am dead to avenge the attacks that your country has condoned. All of my friends will volunteer to fight until they are dead to avenge your attacks on the US. I as does everyone I know prays that your country gets nuked out of existence!

"We will kill you"!!!

Dana Nicholson 

I don't know who I'm writing to but I felt the need to express myself.  I am a New Yorker who was raised Catholic and have been devastated by what has happened, as has the rest of the world.  However I need to let Muslim people know that I, on behalf of other peace loving people, embrace my Muslim sisters and brothers and while it won't be popular, I also embrace the people who committed this very misguided and wrong act.  To do anything else is to give in to the tremendous hatred and fear in the world.

I have lived and visited other countries and understand that some policies of the United States have caused others pain.   I don't believe that killing is a way to deal with that pain, but I think that we all have to open our hearts and try to understand each other.  My country is heading for retaliation which I do not agree with, I feel that enough blood has been shed already.  I don't know what the answer is as those who blame Americans for their plight seem to have decided that we must suffer.....there must be another way......please, if anyone reads this, let me know if you have any positive thoughts.

With love and in peace, Dana

Sven Nelson

Dear Webmaster,
As a result of the horror that struck New York City on Tuesday, people around the world will surely be seeking information on your country.  Your Web site is the place to go for it!  You have created one of the very best Web sites about a country any place on the Internet. Your explanation of Islam, your discussion of Afghan culture, your maps, your historical references, and all of the other pages in your site are excellent.  You  have done a wonderful service to Afghanistan and to those seeking to understand the history of the country and the current situation there.

Also, the section on recent history is fine as far as it goes.  It puts into perspective the Russian years, the following fundamentalism, and the Taliban.  However, after condemning nearly every nation and movement involved, you do not present a mission statement that offers anything concrete; nothing that a person new to being educated about Afghanistan can absorb--one is left without hope that any solution will be found that will save the Afghan people. You have added a statement on the front page just in the past two days referring to the destruction of the World Trade Towers.  If you would add to that your mission statement, together with some kind of information as to what you see as working toward a solution for the Afghan people (you are clear about the Taliban, but do not discuss what should or could or might replace it), I believe you will draw people into the site for a real education about your country. In any case, this American has a far, far better understanding of Afghanistan than he did two hours ago, and for that I thank you.


Dear Afghan Network,
I am appalled at the mean-spirited words that have come out of the mouths of my countrymen. They are stupid, ignorant, and hurtful. I think most everyone in the U.S. (at least where I am) don't hate the Afghani people at all. We don't understand why you (and especially the women) put up with the strict requirements of the Taliban, but that's another story. Maybe it's just because I'm Western and that's my culture's perspective? I want to sincerely apologize for all the evil posts, however. They are inexcusable.

True, I'm not a fan of bin Laden (I think he's mad, actually), but America does act perhaps too aggressively to demonstrate proactive detente to stabilize parts of the world. I can see why people like bin Laden, who are extreme in their views (i.e. think in black and white terms), would be unhappy; however, terrorism is more destructive than helpful in the long run. I wish bin Laden would look to Gandhi, to Martin Luther King, or to the speeches of Abraham Lincoln for good examples of how to lead and inspire people, rather than impassion them to hate and die. It seems a serious waste of human souls and energy.

The world needs to move into the future, a hopeful future where the people of Earth can do great things, rather than destroy themselves. Wouldn't we all like to understand more about science, about literature, about the stars and planets in space? I wish all suicide bombers would realize they could use their lives to demonstrate goodness, cure a disease, create art, play music, learn a craft, and/or raise good children that will someday contribute to the world in a way that they will be remembered in history by everyone because they did something that added to our experience and did not take any lives away from others in the process. That statement can also be applied to the warmongers in America and everywhere else. I think there are people in the U.S. government that are trying to do the right thing, but sometimes other people prevail. All countries have done bad things to each other. I don't know why. I don't like Bush either. When he was elected, I thought a serious line had been crossed for the worse - especially for the American people.

Bottom Line: The American people that I know like and respect Muslims: they buy from their stores, accept them as friends and include them as part of the general society here like any group - the Africans, the Asians, the Indians, the Europeans, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist, cults, you name it.

We really DO NOT want a 3rd World War. I repeat: WE DO NOT WANT A 3RD WORLD WAR. Unfortunately, fear and anger seem to be fashionable at the moment.  How can we go back to laughter and happiness?

Brett Granger 

In light of the recent events in New York City and the evident refusal by the leaders of Taliban to do what human and Godly decency mandate, the reigning government of Afghanistan has demonstrated to the world that it's leadership is apostate and wicked.   Paradise might await the suicide pilots of the four hijacked jets but it will not be the paradise of Allah but that of Satan.  That the Taliban would soil themselves associating with and protecting such vile individuals as Osama bin Laud speaks loudly about the barbarism inherent in the hateful and heretical cult you have ripped from Islam.  

Such actions as that of bin Laud and condoned by your government, are the acts of madmen and theological perverts who rip out scriptures to support their debased theological beliefs while ignoring the overall message of divine revelation.  Men like bin Laud and his minions are not faithful warriors in the service of God but rather opportunistic predators who thrill in lording life and death over the victims and revel in the fear of others.   It is not Islam that drives these heretics but power, greed and a spirit of ageless evil.  Unfortunately, the leaders of Afghanistan are simply puppets of such crazed fools and mirror the fallacies of their masters.
Celebrate your "victory" and savor it's taste for bitter wine will it be.  The spirit of America cannot be conquered by the sword or the bomb.  Only by our own apathy may we be defeated and the measure of how little you understand us is revealed by the actions of Osama bin Laud with the events of September 11, 2001.  America grieves for our losses but our strength remains unimpaired.  Indeed, by the actions of those twisted individuals who have received refuge and succor by your country, we have been lifted out of apathy and inflamed to see great wrongs righted that have been too long allowed to fester.  The American giant is now awake and woe to the forces of evil and wickedness that assail the innocent, tample justice, and undermine godly faith.  
Not only has America awakened but so too has the rest of the civilized world.  Apalled by an act of evil unimagined except inside the blackest and most vicious heart, the world now stands united against the forces or terrorism.   The terrorist has been revealed to the world for what he is:  a rabid dog who will bite the hand that feeds it as easily as it will attack those the master sets it upon.   Too long have the innocent been allowed to perish beneath the claws of man-shaped creatures as Osama bin Laud and Saddam Hussein.  Killing unarmed and unsuspecting men, women and children takes no great virtue or skill.  It requires no real faith.  One need only be utterly lacking in morality and godliness.   Let us see how well your people handle trained soldiers who are not motivated by conquest but by the righteous and purifying need to prevent such evil acts as what we saw this week from happening again.  
Will innocent people die from our counterstrikes.  Almost assuredly so and more is the tragedy because they were placed in harms way but the irresponsibility of your government and your close association with sociopathic criminal psychopaths such as Osama bin Laud.   They should flee to the hills away from the camps of the terrorists or drive the wicked heretics who spout the vitriol of needless violence from their midst for only in such a way may they be spared.  Those who offer bin Laud and others like him support, sustenance, and encouragement should remain with their cult leaders.  It will make the cleansing much simpler!
Islam is a mighty and worthy faith that shares a common heritage with Christianity and Judiasm.   For all of our many and often wide differences, we are all People of The Book.  I too venerate The God of Abraham and Isaac.   I do not hate nor fear Islam and it's adherents.   I am aware that not all Muslims see terrorism and acts of violence against non-Muslims as admirable and desirable.    Many Muslims were no doubt appalled at the carnage in New York this past week.  However, based on your refusal to cooperate in seeing bin Laud punished for this act of terrorism as well as others, your government must see violence against the West as seemly and proper.    It is simple to justify one's actions by quoting a verse or two of Scripture for in doing so, and action, however debased, may be justified.  It takes heresy to twist the divine Word upside down, to take compassion and make it cruelty, to take faith and make it an excuse to indulge in depravity.   To continue to harbor bin Laud and other terrorist is to strip away the rags of pretend faith and reveal Afghanistan as a morally and spiritually corrupt nation dangerous as much to its own people as the world at large.


I wonder how different we are, really...  I am sure that our customs are quite different, but what about our hearts?  Are we so different? I apologize for everyone who has sent messages of hate to you.  I send only love to you and I hope that we can all find peace and love for each other, not hate. I believe that the world will never be perfect, but we can try!

Scott Wingard

Dear Afghan Government,

Please consider your moral obligation in light of the recent events in the United States.  The great American people mean no harm to your government or people, but there is a debt that is owed.  You have harbored Osama bin-Laden for some time, and you must aide the United States in its hunt for this criminal. For the sake of innocent Afghan people, please consider what is right.

Ray C. Marini

Dear Sirs or Madam:

I came across your Webssite in trying to gather some information about your country. My brother narrowly escaped the World Trade Center prior to it's collapse and as a peace loving person, I'm trying to find justification in the United States decimating your country. However, your disclaimer on your home page offering condolences to the civilian familes of those who died offends me. Members of our military were killed also and they are human also During the occupation of Afghanistan by the Soviets, the American military supplied weapons and training so that the people of Afghanistan could hopefully enjoy the freedom the US citizens do. However, your government and its' people seem to have forgotten this and have supplied and continue to supply a safe haven for Mr. bin Laden and his followers. Where in your blessed Koran does it say that the killing of innocent people is right?  It does not, yet for the access your government has to Mr. bin Ladder's money, you continue to shelter him while he continues to kill innocent American citizens. Your government insists they are not responsible for the actions of Mr. bin Laden, however, as long as they shelter him, they are as guilty as he. To the citizens of Afghanistan I say, wake up, reject your government and turn bin Laden over to the United States for trial for the murders of several thousand innocent civilians. Your citizens would expect no less.

Steven S.

We in the USA wish no harm to people of Afghanistan.  Nor should our intent to seek justice be interpreted as an attack on the Nation of Islam.

The Constitution of the United States of America provides for all individuals to practice their beliefs without fear of alienation.
Granted, we have misdirected groups or individuals in United States who persecute those who do not share the same doctrine.  However, they represent only a very small part of the American sentiment and their practices are unacceptable in our culture.

We believe our religious leaders should be held accountable for any word or deed that could be construed as harmful to mankind. It is our tradition to allow the individual to decide which religious practice to pursue.  It is our faith, not violence,  that protects us from the evil influences of the world.

It is my belief that all members of The Nation of Islam must be on guard against any influence that could prove harmful to people of the world.

God bless you in these troubled times.


On Tuesday my brother was killed as he worked in the Trade Center, unaware of his forthcoming fate. I live in Connecticut and I am thoroughly disgusted with Americans ranting, this sickness must end! Hate perpetuates hate! The thirst for blood and revenge needs to stop, or this will continue to be a never ending cycle - ending in a world war!

I don't have any answers, my beloved brother is gone now, and I miss him dearly, as will inoccent victims of lost loved ones will on the other side when we get our justice / our revenge. America does not own the world, and being part of the problem - we need to keep our nose out of other country's period - and stop meddling, otherwise is this what we always expect to get in return ?

I want to hate those who murdered my brother, but I will not allow myself to be part of what got him killed in the first place! As long as the bloodshed continues, revenge or justice (different words, same ends) depending on your perspective, will never end, and lives will continue to be lost. I not only pray for America, and others who have lost loved ones, and certainly those who have been killed, but I pray for the Terrorists behind this, and Afghanistan people, most of all for our planet, as I fear nothing will be left for my Grandchildren to enjoy, by the time they grow-up.

Glynn Burridge

As Someone who grew up in the middle east, speaks its languages and admires its cultures, I can only pray that Afghans find their sight again and throw off the yolk of these dinosaurs who now make a mockery of Islam and its tenets, its Prophet and its standing among the world's great religions - damning them all to infamy in the eyes of a humanity grown weary of their heinous barbarity.

C. Smith

As I was reading different articles I came across your website. After reading what you say on your home page about being targeted because of your race I just felt I had to write and express my opinion. Unfortunately there will be a few misguided people who will try to take their anger out on the innocent just because they happen to be of the same race as the terrorists who committed these awful attacks on likewise same innocent people who have nothing to do with Middle East politics or policies. And these handful of misfits will of course get all the attention to which it changes peoples perceptions of what is really the truth and what is not. The truth is that the majority of all people in this world want only peace and can and want to live in harmony with others no matter what differences may exist between each other. The majority of people harbor no ill wills except against those who perpetrated these crimes and know that race has nothing to do with a criminal act. Evil knows no race. I for one, just want you to know that these few misguided people we hear about in the news do not at all represent the majority. What would America be if it didn't welcome all.


Leann Kochie 

How can you harbor such a man? With his millions of dollars he hides in the woods under your protection while he sends young men out to their death. Along with the thousands they took with them. If he is so convinced he is right, why doesn't he come out of his hole and face the world. He is gutless, faceless and slimy-an excuse for a human being. Turn him in and save lives. 


WE must understand that all terrorist have a cause. Instead of using violence in retaliation for the attacks we need to find out reasons. Policy has played a huge part in the attacks I am sure! The U.S. does not even know if Bin Laden was behind the attacks. Let's be sure and when we are; I hope we do not resort to violence. My prayers are with you in Afghanistan and all those residing there. May the peace of God be with you. I live in America but I am a citizen of Heaven.

Rev. Willie Henry III

God Bless

Bon Scott

Listen... can you hear that? Get used to it, it's called incoming missiles.  We are coming over to greet you face-to-face, we won't hide.  Don't worry about meeting ALLAH, your eternal fate will be sealed in flames.  WE WILL DESTROY YOU.  Have a nice nuclear winter.


First of all, Bin Laden should be turned over to the U.S. the only problem is, is the fact that it will only glorify him more among his people. Second of all, Bin Laden in my eyes is nothing but a decoy (not the real mastermind). And last but not least, how many Americans must die for the sake of Jews. This anger.


I am looking on the internet, trying to understand why a country like Afghanistan would harbor a criminal like Bin Laden, and then hide him when he attacks the United States like he did. I cannot understand where the
hatred comes from, nor do I understand why if he thinks he is in the "right", that he hides. He hides behind phrases like "if Allah wanted this or that, it would happen", but if he brings upon actions such as what happened on Tuesday, why does he hide like a coward that he is? Wouldn't Allah protect him from us? Sounds like he doesn't have enough faith in his
own god. I personally have nothing against the afghan people, and I admit that I know little to nothing about thier culture or country, but this I do know, after the attack on my country on Tuesday, if president Bush calls for war, I will
be the first to sign up and try my best to make Bin Laden meet his god Allah as soon as possible. I will never buy anything from afghan, and for as long as I shall live, I will never help the country of Afghan when natural disasters hit it, political problems are present, starvation, or anything else. I will always protest if my government ever tries to help afghan, regardless of how many years in the future that may be. I will cheer (as the afghans are doing now) when we bomb your cities and kill your innocents, but I hope that we only kill your leaders, and the terrorists. May the country of afghan rot in hell, and may all its leaders and terrorists meet Allah sooner rather than later.


You now threaten any neighboring country whom may help in the capture, arrest, and trial of the people responsible. That is your sovereign right, and I respect that. Good for you. But if you are found to be harboring, financing, supporting, training, or giving comfort to our enemy, well that's something that you, your government, and unfortunately the innocent civilians will have to deal with. I hope with all my heart that will cooperate with the countries of the civilized world to bring this unfortunate experience to an end. But if not, and that is your choice, as a nation, may I say that as an individual American, and a former retired member of the United States Armed Forces, I would on a moments notice return to active service with only one mission, to bring your government, it's love of terrorism, and tyranny to and end. Hopefully no innocents would be involved, but the end will be the end. Hopefully steady minds will prevail, and find a peaceful solution, otherwise, see you in your back yard.

Gary Michael Arndt 

If your country continues to protect & harbor Bin Loser you will suffer right along with him.  We will not dance in the streets after your innocent are dead but we will remember the great loses your country has brought to ours and others by contributing a place for this man to wreak havoc on the world.   The Taliban will not stand when they face the destruction of the American Man!   Burn the middle east to the ground today and rid the world of you idiots so my children don't have to live in fear of you towel heads!  Let your streets flow red with blood & innocent victims! And let your country be destroyed! Let American takeover your whole country and all the oil fields of the Middle East!  We are coming to get you bastards!

Chris Smith 

The only reason you  won against the Russians was that the States provided you with the weapons. The admiral who commanded the Japanese fleet that attacked Pearl Harbour said after the attack was over and he saw what had been done, "I fear that all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant." I think you should do whatever you can to force the Taliban to turn over Bin-Laden. I shudder to think how the States will respond to this and how many of your countrymen and relatives will die for no good reason. Enough blood has been shed in the name of religion already and your Koran states that anyone who takes the life of an innocent will be treated as if he murdered all of humanity. Send that Saudi to the States so that no-one further gets harmed. I hope you will see reason and rid yourselves of this Saudi pariah dog. Inshallah

Rob Wallace

Afghanistan has sanctioned a terrorist and a murderer in Bin Laden.  He has accepted the responsibility in numerous terrorist attacks in the past which have resulted in the loss of American lives.  That in itself is a declaration of war.  Even if he were not responsible for this act his actions of the past necessitate a declaration and war and his complete destruction.  And because Afghanistan has sanctioned his residence they have become his ally and they too should be destroyed. You know that AFGHANISTAN IS GOING DOWN HARD!!  Your lives, just like ours now, will never be the same.  Your country is going to be destroyed for it's war crimes and you know that to be true.  Death to Bin Laden and all nations that support or sanction him.


Where is it written in the Quran that killing innocent people (unarmed civilians) is a proper religious sacrifice in the eyes of Allah. It is amazing that your Taliban Government coddles this Animal, should I say subhuman, Osama bin laden. It is amazing how these Islamic extremists will commit suicide in a terrorist act by the order of a mortal. When did Allah empower this madman to carry out his version of Islam? Is there a revised version of the Quran that westerners are not aware of?

I believe, as Americans, we supplied weapons & training to the freedom fighters to help expel the Russians from your soil. This is how you show us your appreciation? Unfortunately your Taliban government has sealed your fate.  The scissors have been kicked & the ring of keys have been rattled. God bless the innocent that will suffer upon the wrath of the United States of America. Your government has taken part in "Awakening the Sleeping Giant".  

 Schelle & John

I have read some of the emails that you have received. I must say that ignorance is everywhere. I do not hold Afghans responsible for the attacks as yet we do not know whom is responsible. If it turns out that Osama is responsible I would hope that  your country would do the responsible thing and aide in turning him over. I know that your country itself  has been facing terrible times. I just hope that all of our sufferings will come to an end soon. 

Harley Doles

As An American , I am deeply troubled by my fellow countrymen's spewing their own versions of hate. Whether the cancer is masked is the form of Bin Laden or "loyal Americans" their misguided vision of what is right can lead to nothing but blindness for all. When our attention should be turned to hunger, human rights and the freedom to worship , these people serve to steer us away from that which can make a better world and drive us to an end of great uncertainty .

Yes. it is true God is Great. Allah is Great . Please remember , We are, after all God's children. Imagine how ashamed he/she must be of us right now

Wayne Mayes

I know you will never post this on your web page but I wanted to express my opinion on Afghanistan's position on harboring terrorists. Immediately you announced to the world that Afghanistan had noting to do with the attacks that took place here on 9-11-2001 but you have not offered to help bring the people responsible to justice. By not doing so, you as a nation have sent a clear message to the world that you are partially responsible or at least condone the actions regardless of what your press release says.

By not volunteering to turn anyone and everyone over to stand trial that was involved you have caused the American public to despise your nation. Millions of Americans have signed petitions being sent to Congress demanding they issue a declaration of war against your country. Millions of your citizens will die as a result of your actions. Humanitarian aid to Afghanistan will stop and military action is immanent.

Please before thousands of more lives are lost both American and Afghan denounce Bin Laden and turn him over to American authorities before it's to late.  Once the bombs start falling on your country it will be to late. I know many extremist in your country are prepared to die rather than submit to Nato but is it worth losing all you have, your children, your home, and your land. If you would rather die that is your prerogative and I'm more than convinced the United States Military and Allied forces will be more than willing to oblige in the very near future.

If I came to your country and killed thousands of your defenseless men, women, and children and then fled to a country where I was protected by the government, wouldn't you want to destroy that country out of revenge ? The attacks on New York and Washington were acts of terrorism not the act of one military power against another. Now as a result America will react to that attack of terrorism and Afghanistan will regret ever allowing Bin Laden to hide in the country and be protected by the government. I hope God or Allah has mercy on your soul. The American people will not !

Paul R.

I've noticed that recently your site has been deluged with hate mail.  Needless to say, there are throngs of incredibly irate Americans, quite understandably bent on revenge and retaliation.  They have joined the volunteer causes, stood for hours at every Red Cross station to donate blood, and quickly enlisted in the armed forces.  All of the evidence so far points to an incredibly coordinated terrorist attack with Middle Eastern origin, most likely Osama bin Ladin. 

The world will change as a result of this.  And the retaliation will be severe and long lasting, and there may be many casualties to innocent people.  I have never experienced such an incredible fury in the eyes of every American I know.  The grayed lines of who is responsible will soon be drawn up into black & white, and those that do not contribute to the cause to eradicate terrorism are part of the problem.


Dear Sirs; I will try not to come off as insulting or disrespectful with this letter, but I think it's important for me to express my opinions and feelings relative to the recent attacks on the United States, and Afghans involvement, albeit indirectly, by the support, and harboring of terrorists like Osama bin Laden.  Your country is as responsible for this horrific attack as is bin Laden and his followers themselves.  Your countries willingness to harbor this criminal, and then deny his and your own involvement is despicable.  You use God and your religious beliefs to justify your evil acts, but twist the words of God to suit your own needs and to get to your own ends.  The Koran specifically says that the killing of innocent people is a sin.  Terrorists like bin Laden have killed innocent people through the years in the name of God, and it is wrong!  I am not a man of revenge, however, I believe that punishment is necessary for these terrible acts of murder.  The people responsible n!
eed to be dealt with, and your country needs to be punished for your involvement.  It is a shame that it has come to this, but I fear that it is the only way that we can prevent these evil deeds from happening over and over again.  If we show the world that we will not tolerate or allow a country to harbor these 'soldiers of the devil', then other countries will think twice about harboring or supporting scum like this.  Then we can only hope to bring an end to the senseless taking of innocent peoples lives around the world.  Thank you and God Bless us all!


Well we have them in all countries. Don't think all of us are happy about Bombing any country. It ends up that only the innocent get hurt while the rich fat cat leaders fulfill their own agenda. Osama is got a little hobby of blowing up Americans too. All calls this a religious war. Well some kind of religion. Well I think of the idiots in Ireland too. I' m 1/4 Irish some religions we have are little weird to say the least now the Taliban. Well We don't care who they prey too, That's their business. Should Osama Bin Laden be found responsible and was aided and supported by the Taliban then I say blow then all back to the stone age. Not the Afghan people, just the morons who think they can come over here and blow up people. I wish the US just get out of all your countries and leave you alone. I don't believe anyone has the right to go to another country and change any part of their culture. I would ban all missionaries from all countries. Most I have read about are hypocrites. They don't seem to practice what they preach. A lot of p%%% off people here. I am sorry if they have directed their anger in the wrong direction. The focus should be and always be on the leaders and not the people who have no control over radicals like Bin Laden. Who needs any jerk like him in their country. He got kicked out of his own country. Don't say much for him. Well if you have money you can be an a--hole anywhere I guess. Quite common in American. Thanks for your time.

Jonathan Mugmon 

You should be embarrassed that your country hides Bin Laden.


Give up Bin Laden Today!!! Protecting this Madman any longer is going to cost your nation dearly. The resolve of the American people should not be tested. Your streets will run red with the blood of your people. Think hard about the course you take when we bring the might of the greatest nation to your doorstep and ask you to hand over the pig.

Michael R. Wild

"Osama Bin Laden is a product of the US itself."

This statement is not helpful.  Please understand that we Americans will not allow your country to protect him if we work-out that he was involved in anyway.  Statements that we brought it on ourselves just make it worse! 

I would suggest you call your friends back there and tell them to detain him ASAP.  He is not worth protecting anymore


Your cowardice is well portrayed. You don't have the balls to have kept your embassy in Washington, DC. I day say that your people will begin to pay with their bloods as Americans take their psychological trip through their collective grief as their anger manifests itself into complete rage.Your countrymen will not live to regret its affiliation with Osama Bin
Laden.  America will wipe its collective ass on the face of your people and their almighty ALLAH.   As has been said today; MAY GOD SAVE YOU; BECAUSE AMERICA WILL NOT SPARE YOU.

Roger T. Easterling

We are coming

Jonathan Shilling

Dear ladies and gentlemen of Afghanistan,
I am sickened by the slander and hate mail generated by my fellow country men.  Though our respective leaders seem to be heading both our countries to war at this time, I have to wonder, is it necessary?  At this time no one seems to know for sure who ordered the attacks on the United States, and I for one do not believe it just to rush to conclusions.  That it was a terrorist attack of a magnitude never before witnessed can not be denied, but the question still remains; "Who did it, and why?"  When we have found these answers, then perhaps our innocent dead can rest in peace. Until that time I fear that universal "hate-mongers" (These would include KKK, Black Panthers, Skin-heads, Terrorists of every nation), will continue to wield fear as an instrument of destruction, and attempt to lead us all into war.  Many of the letters I have read here, seem to have come from people who are still trying to understand what has happened, and I can only hope that when we have this all sorted out, we can forgive as easily as we can hate.  If war comes,  and I for one do NOT wish it, then I may see more of your land than I have ever dreamed.  I am a warrior, a soldier, but not a "war-monger".  I hold peace too dear to my heart.  It saddens me that during times like this people forget that the "enemy" has children and families as well.  I hope for all of our sakes, that war will be avoided at all costs, and that the perpetrators of this horrible act will be punished.  Thank you for your time, and please forgive me if I have offended you in any way. May your God shine his light upon the path to peace and forgiveness.

Gianna Corsi

Americans are deeply saddened by the violence that we have witnessed. We all want to see it stop. Some express their helplessness as anger and only the ignorant hold the inhabitants of an entire country responsible. We do not all suffer from the delusion that the entire Afghanistan is responsible for this action. Some of us know that the majority of your people are peace-loving and feel sorrow for loss of life, even if those lives were lived in a manner differently from your own. It is my hope that the government of this country will exercise restraint in its actions, and that no more innocent people will suffer. peace is a precious commodity, and one that we all cherish.

Johnny McIntosh

I have just surfed into your site from the BBC news website and have read the terrible emails you have been receiving. During this trying time I'd like to offer my message of support and goodwill. It is terrible to read these emails written in ignorance and against all the good things they purport to stand for. And though it will be small consolation, take heart from knowing they are, from my experience, vastly in the minority. If any good can come from these recent tragic events it will be that people - angry, idiotic individuals notwithstanding - from all cultures will be brought together in mutual understanding and determination to ensure man's inhumanity never reappears.


I don't really know how to start this email.  There are so many things I'd like to express but perhaps the most important is that I express that there are U.S. citizens that pray no harm befalls anyone in Afghanistan, moreover, that no harm comes to anyone.  One of the strongest feelings I had upon witnessing the attack on our nation was that this was just the beginning and this made me the saddest.  I grieve for the dead but my strongest sentiment must be that the living continue to live.  There is so much beauty in life.  Just visiting some of your citizens personal homepages, even despite some militant graphics and messages, I see this beauty as plain as I see it in citizens of my own country, surely in citizens of any country and any culture.  The smiles, the family.  That people care enough to put up a web page with pictures of themselves and what they like.  One page by a young man of similar age to my own express his interests to include chess, cricket, table tennis and football.  I have a dear friend who was born in Pakistan but raised in the United States who shares most of those same interests.  Never would I wish harm to befal either of them.

 I have great fear that my country will retaliate against yours.  I wish sentiment like I expressed above was more prevalent in the voice of our nation.  Right now I believe many have this voice in them ( I have to believe it ) but like myself, are silent, perhaps believing it would do nothing to deter those who hold power in our country or perhaps for fear we will join you in becoming an object upon which our angry act upon.  I began to write that I wish there was more discussion about the many grievances against our country held by many Muslims but it didn't feel correct.  More what I wish is that I heard more in my country about what we can do to bring peace between our nation and the followers of Islam who support war against us.  I will continue to pray for this. From the goodness in my country to the goodness in yours,

( I began this email under an account which would reveal my true name but not out of fear of your citizens did I decide to write anonymously but under fear of my own.  I saw the many hate messages you had recieved and fear the attention of those authors.  Please forgive my cowardice.

Morgan Keating

Just a note to say that not all westerners hold afghans or Muslim countries responsible.  I'm Canadian and although i think what happened was barbaric and tragic, it was done by a small group of people and was precipitated by American government (not civilian) violence.  Holding a civilian population responsible is wrong on both sides.

John Engler

Well you guys certainly backed the wrong horse didn't you?  Man, for the sake of your people I hope your government just gives up without a fight. Tell your government to give up peacefully so no more people have to die. I get the feeling if you don't the U.S. is going to turn that place into a parking lot. I just hope for your sake that it comes out in the end that Afghanistan had nothing to do with this sick act.

Donald R  Copenbarger

As you plead with the US & its Allies not to punish the Afghani people for the actions of Bin Laden & company, we plead with you to understand that the action of the US are not always the actions our people would choose. Though we cry out for vengeance, no one here would have harm done to your innocent, except for the psychotic few within our boarders who hearts are as cold and hard as the terrorists of Sept 11.

The wrath of man can never come close to appeasing the wrath of God, which will come upon all those who call evil good, and all those who refuse to accept His Mercy.

Melissa Ligneel 


I want you to know that what Bin Laden has done will have grave consequences if he is not turned over. I feel for your country having a hero like him. I also have alot of sympathy for your we as Americans now know what its like to live in fear. I hope your government decides to do the right thing as I think you can relate when I say enough of the innocent have died. What that man did to our nation is pure evil, and for that he needs to suffer.... and he is going to make you suffer as well. I hope you find out if there really is a paradise waiting for you when you die.. because if you don't hand him over you will soon find out....and I fear war as you should as well.

Shawn Isenhoff 


I read the U.S. hate mail portion on your website and just had to wonder what fills anyone with so much hate, no matter what nationality.  That being said, I would hope you would be willing to post a rational email as well.  By harboring Bin Laden, Afghanistan has posted a hate email far more powerful than any blood-thirsty idiot here in the United States.  For this I do not want to kill you, but I must say that no mater how justified all those celebrating in the streets felt at that time, it was sadly just another act of evil.  Unfortunately this evil will be returned with evil from people in the U.S.  This is the way it's been since the beginning of time.  Everyone thinks they are right and everyone else is wrong. Very sad.

I'm amazed by the little amount of caring you've demonstrated.  You've shown you stand behind bin Laden by not taking sides.  When the blood of men, women and children of Kabul runs through the streets, i hope then you understand.  I never thought of Afghan to be a cold nation.  A country that would put the good of a few above the good of the many.  The actions against the USA will not weaken us, but it woke us up.  Bin Laden has put all Islam and Arabic people on notice.  Our day will come and you will die.

Have a nice day.

I feel sympathy for the innocent Afghan people. Your disclaimer is excellent and should be heeded except for the last line. The U.S. did not create Osama bin Laden and we do not want any credit for that. There is no action from the U.S. government or the people of the U.S. that warrants the terrorists action that was taken on September 11, 2001.  We as a people hold you no ill will at this time.  If however we find evidence of Bin Laden's guilt we expect you to turn him over.  If you continue to give him a safe haven or are found to have assisted him in his endeavors then may all the Gods have mercy on your souls.

Canova Bancorp Inc. 


How absolutely repugnant the disclaimer on your website is - senseless words about condolences for the families of U.S. civilians killed in the September 11th terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington.  Your capitalization of the entire word 'civilian' implies that anybody connected to the U.S. military who died, deserved to - obviously a sentiment of war.

Your claim that Afghans do not deserve retaliation, even if Osama bin Laden is responsible is equally repugnant.   bin Laden is clearly a 'rogue' extremist who has betrayed the tenets of the Islamic faith, and Afghanistan and its citizens have 'hosted' him for a long time, rather than send him to the justice he should face.  Muslims do not deserve to be punished for these acts - but if it is proved that bin Laden was the sponsor - he, his direct followers and all Afghanis do! You share equally in the blame for the carnage he has wrought.

Marni Farmwald


While trying to come to terms with this horrible tragedy, I was seeking more information on bin Laden, Afghanistan and its government, as well as Afghans as a people. I have found many sights that made me remember we are all human beings, and we cannot blame a religion, a people, nor a nation for this horrific act, no matter how much revenge is wanted right now. The anger inside me is welling over, I am despondent and depressed. I keep trying to listen to the stories of survivors to keep my hope alive, but to no avail. I have had a very hard life, I contracted Multiple Myeloma, a terminal cancer when I was just 25. I had a horrible car accident shortly after the diagnosis in which my mother died and my father was seriously injured. I am now waiting to find out how many of my friends and family members died in this attack.
When I got on your website, I mistook your home page for a condolence message. Upon reading it, I see that you are nothing more than a hate monger. You extend condolences to ONLY civilians killed - what kind of monstrous person/group wishes harm on non-civilians?!? You are only sorry for civilian deaths and injuries! You should be ashamed of yourself! Many non-civilian HUMAN BEINGS died in this horrible act, and you condone this act for its non-civilian deaths, but you try to placate yourself, and your own immorality by condemning the act because civilians were killed!
Then, you further push blame away (and no one was blaming you in the first place, but now I see why some might!) by saying that bin Laden may be to blame, but not Afghans. Fair enough, shouldn't blame a people for one of their citizens actions. But, to say bin Laden is a product of the US?!? No, bin Laden is a product of himself - don't try blaming a nation or its politics for the work of a very sick man! You don't want Americans to blame Afghans for the work of bin Laden yet you think you can blame the US for his actions!?!
I sit here waiting for news on several friends, an uncle and a sister. Most likely they are lost, as they are not pulling many survivors out of this wreckage. I sit here, trying to understand why someone would do this, how someone could do this, trying to understand why so many follow him and his beliefs, why people would kill themselves on suicide missions all to destroy innocent human beings. I sit here crying, for all those lost. I sit here crying for all those who have a false sense of duty - that killing innocent people will bring them closer to winning their cause. Those pilots killed thousands of innocent human beings, most of whom don't even know what cause they were killed for.
Days ago, I would have been appalled at the thought of a war with terrorists, or terrorist-friendly countries. Today, I feel differently. Your website, instead of bringing me understanding, has brought me more anger. Do I blame Afghans directly? Of course not. But, your attitude towards US Policy mongers hate - and this world has plenty of hate to go around.So, if my government chose to retaliate and it ended up killing civilian Afghans, I guess I would put up a website saying I was sorry for the civilian deaths - as insincere as yours. While in my heart, I would be thinking that there were a few less Afghan hate-mongers in the world.
Hopefully you produce your website outside of the US. The US doesn't want hate-mongers like yourself visiting our country. You hate our policy so much, there is a simple solution. Stay the hell out! Don't engage in trade with our country, don't exchange technology with our country. The truth is you need the US. And plenty of Afghans talk of hate of the US and its policies while enjoying all the comforts of living here. Don't live here, don't visit, and then the bin Laden's of the world (and there seem to be plenty of them in Afghanistan and its neighboring countries) won't be "products" of anything but their environment!
Shame on you! May you think long and hard about your own words as you read this. I know of no religion that would wish harm on anyone - but, apparently yours allows you to wish harm on non-civilian Americans. You need to think about that. It is immoral and inhumane, and you should be ashamed of yourself! As angry as I am at you right now (not Afghans - just you for your horrible message) I would never wish death and/or destruction on you nor your family. Think about that tonight. Your family, friends and countrymen - and how you would feel if the US government were to kill them. Instead of feeling sadness or remorse for your loss, you would most likely feel hatred for the US and focus your anger and attention on revenge. That's the problem, with that attitude this cycle will never stop. Stop making bin Laden, and others like him, into martyrs. That is what their huge ego's want - people who would kill and/or die for them. As long as you keep following and listening, the cycle of violence will never end. Isn't 50,000 Americans enough? It has to stop! Please, help it stop, don't foster the hatred! This incident has started to make me hate a country, religion and people that I never had any hatred for in the past. It has to stop! We can't keep hating, it fosters violence! I don't think I could take much more.
I am dying. I would gladly have given my life to stop this horror. I will die anyway, those innocent people who were so brutally attacked were living just a few days ago. They had wives, husbands, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers....and a lot of life left to live.
This has hurt this country more than you could ever understand - not that you care. It has made us suspicious and hateful and angry and violent. It has made us no better than bin Laden. I hate to think this great country has sunk to that low level - the level of an egotistical man who needs recognition and leads people to their deaths for "a cause" when his cause is truly to see how many will follow him and do his deeds. An egomaniac and a coward, who has minions carry out what he cannot himself. I hope to never be like him. And, I hope he is brought to justice - American justice. We have trials and then sentencing. Not like this attack, which was a sentencing for those innocent people without trial. You have a problem with US policy, go to the UN and file a complaint. Protest. Get it into the European and Asian press. But to sentence innocent people to death....that is wrong, in the eyes of any god.
Go to sleep tonight thinking about the innocent lives lost - civilian or not. Go to sleep tonight thinking about why bin Laden is the way he is. Wake up and change you note of condolence. Change it and mean it. Change it and feel sorry for all lives lost, not just the civilians. Change it so that bin Laden himself is to blame for his actions, and no one but himself - not Afghan policy. not US policy, not the Taliban. Himself and his fellow terrorists. No one else. If you wake up still believing he is a product of the US, and that only the civilians are worthy of your sympathy, then shame on you

As long as your country allows that Pig Ben Laden a hiding place your country has a good chance of becoming a glowing green night light in the East.  Turn him over to the NATO alliance and spare the torch.  To harbor him is to support him, then many will die, and for what reason.  Is that pig worth the killing of thousands?

Christy S.

My regrets for the treatment that you have received.  I read some of the ignorant and hate motivated mail
you have received.  I feel appalled that US citizens would behave this way.  I have been visiting your site for the last couple of months because I am writing a paper on Afghanistan in an International Relations class and I have really enjoyed learning about the country and the people.  I realize we cannot rush to judgment on this serious issue and we most certainly cannot blame people just because they are of Arab or Islamic decent.  Again, I want to express my sorrow for the treatment you have received.


Ryan Allen

I'm a native born American. I'm outraged and angry! But unlike many of my fellow Americans who want to have the immediate satisfaction of seeing every middle-eastern dead, I'm waiting to see what my government finds out. I would rather direct my anger at the proper person, people and country then just blindly yell out racist, hateful comments that don't really do any good anyhow.

I am very angry about the horrible attack on the innocent victims that have been hurt or killed in the USA.  I don't understand how the country of Afghanistan can sincerely say that it is saddened by the attack, but still protects the largest criminal/murderer in the world.

Although there are many differences between cultures, religions and beliefs, no one has the right to attack and kill innocent women, men and children.  The individuals killed are not fighting a war, not military personnel invading countries or violating human rights.  They were civilians who were going about their daily lives, working hard to make life good for themselves and their families.

What kind of religion would condone killing innocent people.  It must not be a religion that has a kind and loving God.  No God above would ever want others to suffer and die.  

It is time to attempt to make things right.  Bin Laden must be turned over to the United States Of America to face charges of MURDER.  I hate the idea of War.  So many innocent victims will pay the price for one persons hatred of the US, and one nation's inability to do the right thing by turning bin Laden in to suffer the consequences for his actions.

I respectfully ask the country of Afghanistan to do the right thing before the bloodshed that America has experienced is felt by the Afghanistan people.

May we all experience peace in our lives, and someday have a world of nations working together for the good of its children.

Trent Branscum

I am a citizen of these wonderful United States of America. So many times I have heard the radical bastards like Osama Bin Laden refer to my beloved country as "The Great Satan". Jesus Christ is the one and only son of the one and only living God Almighty. My God is a just God and I am certain the people who committed these terrible acts now know who the real Satan is from personal experience. I believe that once a person is gone it is too late to pray for there souls, because the great judge of all mankind knows the inner heart of all people and he is a just God. I am outraged by the assault on my country by the hate mongers of Allah. I do however, want to thank you for a couple of things. 

1. Before 9/11/01 many in our country were afraid to mention the name of God in public for fear of the wrath of the so-called American Civil Liberties Union. Now, in place of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", the crowds are singing GOD Bless America during the seventh inning stretch of our professional baseball games. Praise God Almighty! Congress is singing GOD Bless America on the congressional floor and God only knows how many public prayers have been led in public by our leaders. This is a country founded on a belief in God and Praise Him, we are now aware of that again. 

2. Since 9/11/01, the flag of these wonderful United States of America has now been put back in the place of respect it deserves and a new national unity and patriotism is growing stronger each day. Our flag is more than just a piece of cloth to us. It is the symbol of all our fathers fought for against the misguided German and Japanese people in the last century. There has been a lot of blood shed in support of this flag and do not think that we are unwilling to shed more in support of it and in order to secure continued freedom for our children and grandchildren. 

Because I am a Christian I do pray for your souls, that you turn from the ways of Satan before it is too late. I can tell you based on my faith that you don't want to meet the real Satan in the life to come. We are not the Great Satan as Osama Bin Laden tells you we are, but I will tell you this; we are a nation more fierce than anything you have ever toyed with till now and if you do not turn over this monster and son of Satan, you will wish that your mother had never met you father. And when we are through with you, God Almighty will be your judge. Good luck explaining to him why you allowed your people to feel the wrath of the U.S.A., because you were trying to protect this scum of the earth. We all must meet our maker one day, but it does not have to be this soon. Get out of the business of tweaking the tigers tail before it is too late!

Casey Carpenter 

To Afghanistan and its supporters,
I'm was an extremely tolerant American.  Fact is most of us are.  I actually developed friendships with some Iranians back when the Iranian revolutionaries held some of our people hostage.  I  respected true Islam, same as I still respect any religion which seeks God and peace.  I also work in a field of tolerance. But, when a government gives shelter and support to people who would do such absolute evil to others and seeks to exterminate our country and way of life, then it becomes a matter of survival.  When you allow such people to operate within your country, you are giving your approval for their acts, otherwise why haven't you put a stop to them?  If you think that you can throw up your hands and say, "We abhor such acts!", then answer this question, why have you allowed these people to operate within your boarders?  I'd rather you be act like men and say to our faces, "Yes, we agree with bin laden and his kind!", rather than lie like children and say, "Oh, give us proof...He couldn't have...He's a good little boy...He'd never do anything like that."  The fact is he has expressed to news reporters his hatred and desire to kill Americans.

OK, play time is over.  Unfortunately, tolerance is over, at least for this American.  If Afghanistan immediately accepts whatever is demanded by the sane countries of the world, perhaps you have a chance at redemption.  If Afghanistan wants to act tough and continue to support evil, Hell awaits you.  Undoubtedly innocent Afghans will be killed.  That will be sad.  Please remember that the Taliban had a chance to save their lives by acting like responsible adults.  Those relatives of your innocent dead should take their complaints to the Taliban.  If they want to complain to the U.S., they can get in line behind the thousands killed by your pet Islamic extremists. Oh yes, we hear your calls for a holy war (this indicates how hollow your morality is - there is no holiness in war - only horror - with all of your wars, you'd think you would have learned that by now) against any who would challenge you.  Fine!  I hope you will get the likes of Libya, Iraq and any other backwards country that can't provide for its own people to join you.  This is a great opportunity to wipe away the evil from these lands as well.  (Good luck with that.  By now, it must be clear even to you that the leaders of these countries know better and will help you only in secretive, cowardly ways that won't benefit you much, if at all.)

And finally, if Islam is one of the world's great religions, as I believe it has the opportunity to still be, then it's time for the followers of true Islam to get a handle on the extremist who perpetrate evil in Islam's name.  The rest of the world should not have to clean up Islam's mess.  If Islamic countries do not want America and the rest of the civilized world rolling tanks through the rubble that once was their capitols, then they should control these zealots themselves.  If you don't want to do this or, as is more likely, you cannot control these rabid dogs, then I suggest you step aside and let us do what must be done. You may call this hate mail.  It's your prerogative.  But remember, this is from what used to be a very tolerant American.


Needless to say, we expect Afghanistan to, for once, do the right thing about Bin Laden and his friends. Either give them to the U.S., give us his their heads, of get out of the way! If you choose to do nothing, you will find you are the principles who cause vast amounts of death and destruction around the world, surely including huge loses within your own poor nation. Beyond that, you and your government officials will be remember by history not as brave officials and soldiers committed to a cause, but as irresponsible, blind and backward priests who tried to stop the march of civilization and human progress. Your notions of a return to medieval, Arabic values and governance are lost in this universal movement. Why not realize it and avoid the bloodshed?

Brian Watson

I am deeply saddened with all that has happened in the last few days. My heart goes out to the hundreds of families who have lost loved ones. I am an American through and through, I love my country, but I love people too. I do serve in the US military proudly, but I do not want war.  If anything positive has come from this dreadful incident, I must say, it has motivated me to read and learn more about the Afghan, Pakistani and other cultures in that region of the world.  My heart goes out to the many Islamic citizens who will be affected by this war.  Unfortunately, it has come to this.  I have read much about the war between Afghanistan and the Soviets.  The US is not the Soviet Union, and this war is not going to be anything like the Afghan/Soviet war.  Afghanistan is the underdog, and unfortunately, they are not really to blame.  A few misguided individuals are to blame. Both sides will lose in the end, I am ready to serve my ! country, but  I pray for us all, Afghans, Americans and all the other countries in the world who will eventually be involved.  May our God bless us all.

Bob Park

I'm just an average citizen in the USA, but I offer my views, for whatever they are worth. Normally, it would be none of my business that a group such as the "Taliban" takes over a country. I understand that they aren't doing anything good for the people, and I feel bad about that... but it is not my business, so I watch with interest but keep out of it. Next, we have some rich jerk who has a hobby of terrorism. What a charming guy... he has no real education of any religion, much less his own. Instead, he seems to get pleasure out of sending people off on suicide missions to kill innocent people (regardless of their race, religion, etc.). This is nothing new... we have had people convince followers to die for all sorts of reasons too... religion, UFO's, etc. These people are nuts, everyone sees that. This Bin Laden guy is a nut too, except he got a lot of money from his daddy. Money talks, and he has used that to buy "friends" and "followers". He's still a nut, and has no real purpose in life. He seems to get a kick out of killing unarmed people... he's actually pretty sick that way. It's sad that some people follow sick people like Charles Manson, Jim Jones... and this Bin Laden fellow.

I believe that there is a God. I understand that the world has several interpretations of that God, and those interpretations evolved into different "religions" over the centuries. That doesn't bother me... we can all think about God in our own way, and do what we want with those thoughts. What does bother me though, is that some people take advantage of others in the name of "religion" to do things that no religion would approve of. Murder of innocent people comes to mind. To the Taliban I would say: If you want to be great, make your people respect and like you. Simple as that. I hope you give up your fascination with Bin Laden. He's really getting in the way of your being great and of your people having a good life. He has also done some very bad things.  With respect,


If you want to avoid war, as most of the world want, you could ask to all your embassies around the world to TAKE FLOWERS TO THE USA EMBASSIES. If someone threats you, show him you don't hate him, but love him. This way you'll attract international attention and support. Take flowers to the USA embassies NOW. The people of Afghanistan deserves a peaceful country. Show us how big you are. For the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Peace maker


You have warped a beautiful religion, that teaches love, into a warped evil regime, that teaches hate.  God, by any name, will deal with you soon.  All who support evil will go to hell.  There, your flesh will burn for all eternity.  A fate too good for you.  You want a holy war, you got it.  I will die to eradicate evil on this earth.  I would gladly give up my life to end yours. Even your own people hate you.  If they could leave, they would.  But, your regime is intent on killing the innocent, and sadly that will also include the innocent of Afghanistan.  For that I am saddened. As soon as we rid the earth of your kind (terrorists), the sooner the world can be a better place.


I am deeply saddened and embarrassed by some of the hateful remarks on your website that are directed at the Afghan people as a group.  If people are going to generalize about Afghans as one group, and declare them evil, those people are no better than the terrorists that treat American civilians as being the same as soldiers.  The failure of some to recognize the great differences among people in one country or religion is frightening.  I pray that any U.S. military action is narrowly directed at specific targets that the military is confident are contributing to terrorism and any non-terrorist Afghans be spared in any attacks.


Dear Afghani friends . . . 

I cannot tell you how shocked I was to read the many hate-filled and ignorant messages you have received, mostly from our fellow Americans.  It took me just a moment of reviewing your web site to understand that as Americans you shared the grief and anger that we all feel.  I know that the first victims of the Taliban have been the ordinary people of Afghanistan, and that your families and friends are among those victims.

I would like to believe that the vast majority of Americans are responding to the WTC/Pentagon terrorist atrocities tempered by their heads, out of anger and out of self-defense, but not out of hate or a desire for revenge.  Hate motivated those who flew commercial airliners full of people into crowded civilian buildings.  If we respond with hate, the terrorists will have won a victory.

I am flying the American flag from my home and car to show my unity of purpose with everyone else.  We need to all support the noble effort the President has embarked on to eradicate or control terrorism which, it has now been revealed, poses dangers greater than our feeble imaginations allowed us to appreciate before 9/11.  But we need to protect freedom in large part by not abandoning it to ethnic profiling and ignorant stereotypes.

What kind of tribute to the heroes who died in the WTC and in Pennsylvania and D.C. is it if we poison ourselves with blind hatred?  I sincerely hope the hate messages you have displayed reflect the reactions of a truly tiny minority of people.  I don't hate my enemies, though I wish them defeated.  And I don't confuse my enemies with the innocent and peaceful victims in Afghanistan.  To those who have written hate-filled messages, spray-painted Mosques, or otherwise struck out in thoughtless rage, shame on you.  Please think about your response thus far, and take a different and better path from here on out.

Best regards,

Richard Boyle

This message is in response to the appeal to the American people from Mullah Abdul Salaam Zaeef, the Taliban's ambassador to Pakistan.  We wish no harm to the Afghan people.  But, we will not ask our government to back down from this act of war made by your guest. By allowing bin Laden to be the guest of the Taliban, it is responsible for his actions. The Taliban must turn over the coward bin Laden, or pay the consequences for his actions.

Donald S.

I just read some of your hateful emails. It only goes to show that there is no shortage of stupid people here in America as well. I know that most Afghani folks would not approve of such evil acts (Sept. 11), and I do hope for a better future for both of our peoples. My heart goes out to all Muslim and eastern folks living in the west at this time and I hope that most of your youths can recognize this stupidity for what it is and not rush to judgment on all westerners as well.

Kevin D.

I'm shocked at the letters against Afghanistan and Afghanis in this forum.  Not as shocked as I was by the events of 11 days ago but both are reprehensible.  Afghanistan is a small (by American standards) country in Central Asia which was invaded by the former USSR in 1979.  Since then there has been war of some form, more than a million have died, millions more have become refugees, starvation is not unknown.  Quite simply this is suffering most people in the world cannot even imagine even after witnessing recent events in New York.  The average Afghani (if there is such a thing, there are many tribes) was not involved in the hijackings, probably doesn't even know about them (people don't have access to tv sets), and is just trying to survive.  I support the actions of the US government right now.  The Taliban, clearly, has been supporting Bin Ladin for years, the incident in New York was basically an act of war, if the US (I hope in conjunction with the world) doesn't act this will just continue.  As an American I ask my fellow citizens, though, to distinguish between the wicked acts of individuals and the non complicity of those who were not involved.  The Afghanis have suffered for two decades, there's no reason Americans, even in their grief, can't assign responsibility where it belongs.  Let's hope that the US government has the wisdom to pursue those who were responsible and when the dust settles to help those who so clearly need it.  We're a great country.  We've shown that in the past, we can do that again.

Raymond D.

Dear Friends,

Here in New Jersey I have many Islamic friends from many nations.  At the home of my best friend, a Pakistani, I have followed along as his 7 year old daughter lead us in prayer in their native language.  I have traveled with that family to Ontario and visited a beautiful Mosque, where they gave me literature and helped educate me about the peaceful ways of Islam. We pray to God for peace, but at the same time, war is being waged on the American people and our guests from many nations.  The September 11th attack was the most severe.  For the first time in my 40 years I feel like they do in many other parts of the world, unsafe in my own country. 

I also feel sorry for the beautiful people of Afghanistan living under the oppressive terrorist-friendly regime of the Taliban.  They have killed your people and disrespected your women. Their affiliation with Osama Bin Laden and people like him now threatens to export terror to other countries.  There are people out to kill us and we must act.  Unfortunately a coalition of world nations must attack and try to eliminate the extremists training in Afghanistan before they attack us.  If we can at least keep them running and moving, they will not have time to plot their evil deeds.  The nations' war to break up and rid the world of terrorists will take several years and require periodic maintenance, but the people of Afghanistan will be the earliest to benefit.  After the destruction caused by the Soviets and the Taliban, there is nothing left to lose and everything to gain by going after the training camps. 

To be sure, a period of great turmoil lies just ahead.  Hopefully, it will be followed by a long and great period in which the Afghan people have the means to rebuild and return to a happier lifestyle.  A stable environment will exist enough for humanitarian aid to flow in, leading to even more stability.  The Afghan men, women and children need to be fed, clothed, sheltered, and, yes, educated.  Only when the extremist forces are defeated, will the Afghan people be able to practice the true form, the just and peaceful form that I have witnessed, of Islam. 

Kim Griggs


I just wanted to encourage you all and let you know so very many of us support you at this time. I know it must be difficult to be in your position. Many of us are praying for God's protective hand to overshadow you from those who would oppress you for your linage just because of what has happened. We're all Americans, All brothers and sisters. Stand tall we'll get through this.

God's Blessings!

Peter Duquette
Rhode Island, USA

To Whom it may concern:

I am an ordinary American citizen, not particularly political, but what I like to think of as  a rational human being. Since the events of Sept. 11th in NYC and Washington I have , like many Americans, wondered what could go through the mind of any person or group of people to have done this thing. Instead of going by what the American "media " has brought me about the reasoning behind this event, I have done lots of research on my computer about Muslims and the followers of Islam so that I might understand the Islamic side of the story.

From what I have seen the Muslims are just trying to protect their beliefs in God and their religion in general. This seems a pretty good basic concept. I have a very limited understanding of many of the worlds great religions, but I must admit that they all pretty much teach one thing. This is mainly for humans to respect each other and do what we can to be good and fair. My research has shown me that over the course of history the Muslims have in many ways excelled in these attitudes.

I realize this is an oversimplification of the issues , but the point I want to make is that the vast majority of Americans want the same things. Most of us live simple lives, worrying about things like our jobs, our homes, our family and our loved ones. I realize we are very fortunate with our strong economy and wealth that allows us the many excesses that the rest of the world sees. In my opinion Americans get distorted by our own media and marketing industry in our need for excess, but that does not alter the fact that millions of Americans only think about having a happy life and family and not about taking over another part of the world or keeping someone else from their beliefs. I hate to say that many Americans don't even have a great concept of where Afghanistan,  Saudi Arabia, or Iraq  are located in the world.

It is too bad that Americans can't make more of an attempt to try to understand the people of Islamic areas of the world better than they do, but it is also too bad that many Muslims in the world have no concept of one of the greatest things about the USA and that is how the vast majority of Americans not only respect and allow others to follow their beliefs but support and defend that ideal above all others. In this day and age, waging war or murdering innocent people will only bring more pain and suffering to the whole world and I don't believe that is Gods will.

I wish that this simple letter could find it's way to someone that it will have the effect of redirecting efforts to protect your beliefs to something more rational than killing thousands of innocent people.

Peace and Happiness to the World!

United States of America.

I'm not a vigilante.  I'm just a citizen of The United States.  I am sorry that you choose to harbor a criminal.  Osama bin Laden is equivalent to our Charles Manson.  A killer is a killer whether it be by his direction or by his own hand.  I am sorry that the United States can't rely on your country for justice. I am sorry that I had to explain to my six year old son that thousands of people had to die from jealously gripped with delusion.  I am sorry that the Muslim population has to bear a cross like bin Laden.  Living in terror is living in hell.  I truly had hoped that I would raise my children in peace and love, with tolerance of all faiths and cultures.  I realize now that the hope I have is futile and sad.  One day, when bin Laden is gone, perhaps our two countries can reunite and become friends again.  It is a shame that a scar so deep has to form.

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